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A Bloody Good Secret by Sierra Dean
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Sep 20, 11

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A Bloody Good Secret is the second book in Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen series. A series about a seriously kick ass chick who is half vampire and half werewolf. The first book ended in somewhat of a cliffhanger. I didn’t find it to be an “OMG I am going to track down the author and throw water balloons at her for doing this to me!” kind of ending, just an “OMG Really?!? As if?!? What is Secret going to do now?!?” kind of ending. Basically, the perfect sort of cliffhanger for me.

Now this incredible jaw dropping ending could have lead the story for book two in many different ways. Secret could have been angry and just taken it out on everyone. She could have just gone ahead and got the task over with. She could even have decided to just up and quit her job as a bounty hunter to the vampire council. But she didn’t do any of those things. What she did do is run – and I loved that that is what she decided to do.

Secret is a strong character who won’t take crap from people. She is the only one of her kind and keeps her mixed heritage to herself. She is essentially an assassin. And she has quite the snarky mouth on her (one of my favorite parts about her). But she is still scared sometimes and she is still vulnerable sometimes. Her decision to flee shows that side of her – it makes her more real, more normal. Because I think, when facing what she is facing, most of us would want to do that too. I also think how she comes back to facer her task is very true to Secret and her life.

Secret is mate-bonded to two (yes two) werewolves. Lucas is the werewolf king and he is yummy. In the first book, I was totally team Lucas. The chemistry between him and Secret was burning…even though they never actually get the deed done in that book. But, seeing that he is the king and all, he is a bit of an alpha nightmare for our extremely independent Secret. She didn’t ask to be bonded to this man, or any man. It’s just some chemical thing that happens.

The other wolf that she is bonded to is Desmond. In the first book, I thought he was yummy, but I didn’t get the apparently strong bond they have. Well, there are no more questions in my mind – Desmond is hot and he and Secret are smokin’ together! And now that I see how these two are together, I sort of want to see her with Lucas to compare. What does that tell you about me that I actually want to see Secret do the nasty with another guy so I can see who she is strongest with?!

Holden is a mystery but I like him a lot. And Sig is fun! He is another character I am really curious about. I wonder about the motivations of both of these men. Wow…Secret really is surrounded by lots of men, isn’t she?! How is it I only just noticed this now… *lucky lady*

The story in this installment is go go go. Nonstop excitement with twists that make your eyes pop out of your head from time to time. There are some of the creepiest ‘things’ that I have ever read too. Just…ew. And who was behind all of the upheaval came as a surprise to me.

Overall, I am really really enjoying this series. Secret is an awesome character, bringing with her the perfect mix of strength and softness. She often makes me laugh out loud while reading her dialogue. The stories so far have been well paced and fun to read and Sierra has a gripping writing voice that makes me want to keep reading.
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Colette Yay! Another team Desmond. I just wrote my review for this one and I think I might have gone on and on about Desmond for a bit.

Julie Then you HAVE to read Secret Santa (out tomorrow). It has great Desmond stuff. You learn quite a bit about him. :)

Colette It does? I didn't think it had that much about him! Can't wait to get to it. Julie wrote: "Then you HAVE to read Secret Santa (out tomorrow). It has great Desmond stuff. You learn quite a bit about him. :)"

Julie It's not that he's in it a bunch but you get lots of new information about him and you see him in a sort of domesticated role. It's sweet.

Colette I may have to sneak this one in before I start Angel of Darkness tomorrow then. Julie wrote: "It's not that he's in it a bunch but you get lots of new information about him and you see him in a sort of domesticated role. It's sweet."

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