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The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
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Beware of spoilers! I'm really not a good reviewer, spewing spoilers like this. But sowwie.

See, I haven't read many books on the fey. The last one I read was Spells by Aprilynne Pike. That didn't go well, meaning that it sucked platypus poop. So when I devoured The Iron King in a week, I was utterly mesmerized by it. The characters, the concepts, the world building, the colors and mist, the overall beauty of it, made me want to take a stroll in a garden while munching on Godiva neapolitan truffles.

Robin Goodfellow (Puck)
I haven't read A Midsummer Night's Dream. However, I am familiar with a few characters. The one that captured me most was Puck. I knew that he was the clever and mischievous one, and I like characters like that. I thought it was pretty creative how she based her characters off of Shakespeare's play.

So for the actual Puck in this book. I loved him. For once, he wasn't an old, know-it-all, arrogant jerk that deprecated the heroine when she didn't know things or did something wrong. His answers were hilarious, brutally honest, and sarcastic. He tells Meghan off right there and then when she asks about something, instead of saying, "Oh, don't worry, babe. I'm here. Everything will be alright."

Evidence of Puck's beastly bluntness:

This is Meghan and Puck referring to the Nevernever in the beginning.

"Will it be dangerous?"
"Oh, extremely. That's what makes it fun. You can die in so many interesting ways - skewered on a glass sword, dragged underwater and eaten by a kelpie, turned into a spider or a rosebush, for all time."

So when I read that, I sat there, thinking,


I like, I like.

However, to be frank, from Kagawa's physical description of Puck, I puked a little in the inside. Spiky red hair, bony frame, elf ears. *shudders*


However, I never thought that someone so hideous, with his weird elvish features, would be so attractive. However, Kagawa does say that he has sharp features and a predator-like gaze. I mean, Meghan doesn't describe him as beautiful, but she ain't never called him ugly, dats fo sho.

Gosh, he's incredible. *girlish scream* I love when guys have fun when they're fighting, not be all serious and brooding about it. I love Puck's sense of humor and the way he's confident, without seeming overly confident. He seems to have his flaws as well. He's impulsive and doesn't think about the consequences of what he does. That's for sure. According to Ash, he's an idiot. I don't say I completely agree on that. It's just that Puck doesn't hesitate when he wants to do something. But... but that only makes him cooler.


Overall, he's my favorite character. He genuinely cares for Meghan. He's humorous, sarcastic, blunt, and just a very whimsical character. I love a man with a sense of humor and a bit of confidence. Yes, I have a crush on him. And I do want Meghan to choose him instead of Prince Ash. Very badly. I'll talk about that later.

Before I go to the next character, I just hope that Kagawa is consistent with her traits for Puck. I hope Puck doesn't change... for anyone. I mean, sometimes, I'll love a character, but as the next book comes, they start to change and I start liking them a bit less. I hope that doesn't happen! Puck, don't change! You got dis!

That scornful cat is the sole reason Meghan was able to travel through the NeverNever successfully. He basically memorized the whole NeverNever by heart. He offered to help at times. He gave her advice. He taught her about the things she can do with her power. Yes, Puck was behind it as well, but Grimalkin was a beast. I also loved his sly remarks. I love how he points out how stupid Meghan can be at times, since Puck and Ash are too busy fawning over Meghan to notice.

Meghan Chase isn't that bad. I liked Meghan in the beginning. She is strong, patient, and willing to understand things. Skeptic at first (I would be). She's a bit clever at times. I loved how Kagawa didn't make her the "all-powerful" teenage girl who is exceptionally quick at grasping her power right after knowing she had a power at all.

Then Ash comes along and turns her into an imbecile with his ridiculous good looks. What do I mean?

A not-so-exact conversation between Ash and Meghan as they are dancing:

"It'll be bad. We'll probably have to go to war."
"War...? What does that mean?"
"It means I'll kill you."

Oh, and Ash says that in the most romantic way, by leaning in towards her and locking his eyes with hers. I would have been like, "Excuse me while I ponder over what you just asked." That moment really needed the "Puck Touch."

Overall, I thought she was okay. However, sometimes she was just a bit stupid, especially around Ash.

Prince Ash
Ash is the typical male character from a fantasy book, in my opinion.

1. Devastatingly good-looking
2. Devastatingly good-looking
3. Devastatingly good-looking

I'm not saying that's the only thing remarkable about him. It's just that he doesn't appeal to me as much as Puck does. I'm Team Puck. Ash doesn't have a sense of humor. At all. He's very serious and tense. And that moment when he did crack a "joke", it was lame. I scoffed at his attempt. I'm just saying that there wasn't much to him besides the fact that he's an excellent fighter, good-looking, and a bit charming. Oh, and incredibly loyal. I don't understand how Meghan just fell for him for his looks. It was slightly pathetic. She sees him practicing with this sword, half-naked, and bamn. I thought she was stronger than that. I mean, yes, she is a teenage girl with hormones. Still. It was just a bit too early for her to be feeling those emotions for him. Not just the "You're so good-looking ones." The, "Oh, he saved me so many times, I think I love him" ones.

I don't completely dislike Ash. I'm apathetic. It just seems to me like he's the typical, "cold, I-don't-want-to-show-my-feelings-for-you" type of guy. It wasn't anything new. He just bored me. Hopefully, in the next book, I know more about him than the fact that he's gorgeous and has silver, glittering eyes and black hair.

The writing
Okay, so the writing was my favorite aspect of this book. I could picture everything. Nevernever was truly a wonderful experience for me. The imagery, the details, the action scenes, etc. Everything was well-written. I seriously had girl-crushes on the fey women because of the intense descriptions Kagawa wrote about them. I thoroughly enjoyed her delicious writing.

However, the only thing that irked me regarding her writing was the fact that it was a bit repetitive. Kagawa would write, "He blinked. I blinked at his words. Grimalkin blinked." That's basically the only flaw I point out about her writing. And that's very small. I think there were other things that bothered me, as well. However, I cannot remember.

EDIT: Oh, yes! There were some awkwardly worded sentences.
"Ash drew his sword and danced his way to the dragon."

Danced? Not the right word for such an intense scene, in my opinion.

Phew! That was a workout. Anyway, TIK was just a very fun read. It was adventurous, beautifully portrayed, and the best fey book that I've read by far.
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Quotes Haleema Liked

Julie Kagawa
“Me? Die? Didn't they tell you, princess? I'm Robin Goodfellow.”
Julie Kagawa, The Iron King

Julie Kagawa
“Touch her, and I'll freeze your testicles off and put them in a jar. Understand?”
Julie Kagawa, The Iron King

Julie Kagawa
“Metallic trees. That's new. If you see any steel dryads, be sure to tell me so I can run away screaming.”
Julie Kagawa, The Iron King
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Haleema Thank you! It will be done soon!

message 2: by Cat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cat Gah, you make me want to finish this book like right now. D: *dives into book again*

Haleema Cat! FINISH IT NOW!

message 4: by Cat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cat Haleema wrote: "Cat! FINISH IT NOW!"

I'm on it! *dives back in*

It's so good right now.

Haleema It was just that the first time she describes Puck, I was like, "Uh..." Then we come to know that he used glamour to hide his features. So his features were a lot sharper and different. Perhaps he's not as hideous as I thought he would be!

And I thought Ash was on the cover of The Iron Knight?

shady Read the whole series, quick! >____< You'd be surprised how much it improves.

Haleema Oh! I have my own image of Puck in my head. It's so precious. This guy is really different. =P

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I've been considering this for a while now. But I read the first few chapters a while back and couldn't get into it.

Does it get better? Or do you think that, if I didn't like the beginning, I probably won't like the rest?

Haleema Hmm, it depends. Why didn't you like it?

It does get better. The plot dives into the action after the first few chapters and it gets wild!

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I was kinda bored, and I got Annoying Heroine vibes from Meghan. Plus, there was the friend (Puck) who I knew was going to get thrown aside in a love triangle eventually, and I just balked.

Haleema Kelly (Flaming Panda of Fury #1) wrote: "I was kinda bored, and I got Annoying Heroine vibes from Meghan. Plus, there was the friend (Puck) who I knew was going to get thrown aside in a love triangle eventually, and I just balked."

Oh! Yes! I understand. Eeek! I don't think you will like it then. =P But I'd still say try getting back into it just for hope that you will!

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I have it on my e-reader, and every time I flick through it looking for a book to read, I end up staring at it for about five minutes before eventually moving on to something safer.

Your review has convinced me to try again, though.

Haleema That is a sign that you should continue to read it, my love. =)

Yodamom ♫ Danced in his tights ballet style to slay the nasty little dragon ! ♫
Fantastic Review

Jessie Great review. I love books about Fey.
Looking forward to finishing this one :).

Haleema Yodamom wrote: "♫ Danced in his tights ballet style to slay the nasty little dragon ! ♫
Fantastic Review"

Thank you, Yodamom!

Haleema Jessie wrote: "Great review. I love books about Fey.
Looking forward to finishing this one :)."

Thanks! You should certainly check this one out.

Nauber Dangg your review is so long I kept erasing parts of my review coz i thought it would be too long lol!!

Haleema A review is never too long, Nauber. =)

I need to let everything out!

Nauber LOL! I'll remember that next time. :)

Grace I read this book ages ago, but still - yay, another Team Puck!

Haleema Yes! Team Puck!

Mel (who is deeply in love with herself) Me hated this book. But me loved Grimalkin.

I am in love with a cat. God help me.

Haleema Same here. Grimalkin rules.

Angélica The characters I liked were Grimalkin and Puck. I like Grim a wee bit better than Puck. I am just disappointed with Kagawa that she made Meghan fall in love with Ash.

Haleema Grimalkin and Puck were the entertainers of the book. Meghan and Ash were truly so boring. I think they were perfect for each other. At first, I wanted her with Puck. However, then I realized Puck is too awesome for her! She deserves someone just as boring and idiotic as her.

Angélica Hahahaha, that's so true! They truly deserve each other! I'm actually currently reading the second book, but I put off reading it because I got too frustrated over Meghan's idiocy. I'm starting too think Ash has made a mistake.

Haleema The second book was truly horrific for me! I hated it! I understand how you feel about Meghan! She gets stupider and stupider as the book progresses.

message 29: by Jane (new)

Jane Your review is making me excited! Gonna get my hands on it asap

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