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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
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Nov 07, 2014

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I want to go slow here. I'm always aware at times like this that I'm still unpublished and I really do hope to do something liked by some readers as much as this is.

Still, tastes vary and while I didn't dislike this I think maybe the synopsis and blurbs I'd read had given me more anticipation than is fair. I read a short review (or two) from readers who really liked this book and so was looking forward to it.

The idea of using the "vintage photos" (many of a "spooky variety") was so far as I know pretty original (I'm not aware of another book built around a stack of of old photos anyway). From what I read it seems that Ransom Riggs came across these pictures after he'd already been playing with the idea for this book.

I find (found) that I couldn't really get into the book. The characters were there but they swung at times from a little too much detail about what they were thinking and feeling to times when it wasn't there at all. I never really got involved with our protagonist (and in a way it seemed I should have. I mean it's true I'm "older" but when i was in school I was also sort of a loner, like Jacob [I can never remember his name, which doesn't speak well for a main character]). There was a rather large cast of characters here (Mrs. Peregrine's wards) and in most cases they don't get fleshed out.

Strangely once we meet the peculiar children the story settles into one that treads some fairly well trodden ground. To say more will/would constitute a spoiler so I'll wait and say something below a spoiler warning. Still, there are parts of the book that might make it worth a read (the tie in of the photos mainly I suppose). It opens with a nice spooky air and doesn't lose it (completely) till maybe half way through. It's a relatively short book and is an easy read, and (of course) ends by setting up a sequel/series of book(s) to follow.

So, not bad with a good idea, 3 stars.

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message 1: by Armand (new)

Armand Mike- you mentioned that you are unpublished. What do you write?

Mike (the Paladin) I'll try not to bend your ear too much...

For years I've come up with and sketched out fantasy stories and never thought about getting published. Then I ended up disabled so I had more time to write. My wife's health was never real good and a couple of years after I went off work she had the first of a series of strokes. I spent the next 2 years caring for her.

She passed away 2 years ago. Since then I've gotten work done on several novels. These are mostly fantasy though I have an outline for a science fiction and some research done on a nonfiction.

Of the fantasies I have a first draft done on 2 and a couple more more than half done. There's one I want to complete first and then get back to the others in rewrites.

So...it's to late to say in short, I hope to finish that one and start a search for an agent this year.

message 3: by Bill (new) - added it

Bill I still think I'm looking forward to reading this book, which is in some pile somewhere. I got it because of its description. We shall see.

message 4: by Armand (new)

Armand Mike- if you ever want a reader for your novels, feel free to send it my way!

Mike (the Paladin) Thanks, I'll consider it. My daughter is my only proof/beta reader. It's surprising how many typos you can read over repeatedly.

Tessa in Mid-Michigan These remind me of the Lemony Snicket books for the reasons you describe--weirdness without characterization.

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