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Without Reservations by J.L. Langley
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Jul 07, 11

really liked it
Read in July, 2011

You know, I almost had a panic attack about a couple of pages into Without Reservations. I don't have a problem with furries (except on Second Life, hehehe), so that wasn't it. For a second there I thought, um, is this book about beastiality? Then I was worried that maybe there was a little bit of pedophilia...but doh! I was reading too much into the beginning of this book. I glad I didn't get scared away, because I really liked this book!

What I did find, as I continued reading, was a scorching hot, uber romantic pairing of a couple of were-men. I really took to Chay and Keaton, and was rooting for their relationship from the very start (well, after I eliminated my original concerns). I liked how this couple came together and how they dealt with the homophobia of friends and family (though, the family stuff could have been drawn out a bit more to create greater tension).

I like that Langley didn't shy away from M/M sex in this book, because some writers (especially some FEMALE writers) seem uncomfortable writing gay male characters and tend to gloss over the physical aspects of their relationships. I can say that it seemed that Chay and Keaton's love life got a rather randy and thorough workout in this book (and so did I, just from reading it *fanning self*). If one is a bit uncertain about how to conduct some steamy Man-on-Man action, one would only have to have this book on hand, because Without Reservations read like a Kama Sutra of man-love, giving us plenty of pretty imaginative detail and nifty things to consider. hmmmm.

Ok, yeah, I'm sucker for romance, and I really like that there was plenty of romance between the guys. The love interest portrayal here is tender and feels very realistic to me-- it hardly mattered that we were talking about two guys here. In Langley deft hands, it didn't matter the sexual orientation-- the love here knew no gender-bounds. I found that be quite refreshing.

The were- business was a nice touch, and I like how Langley didn't overwhelm the story with beastly side of things. I could have used more action, though, and the ending seemed to wrap up a bit to neatly and quickly for me-- but that's a small quibble.

I know this book will not appeal to all paranormal romance fans-- especially ones that are squeamish about gay sex. But for those looking to broaden their reading horizons in the genre, I think that Without Reservations is a perfect pick!

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