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Burning Skies by Caris Roane
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May 13, 2012

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The idea of this series is very entertaining with it's simpleness and familiarity. It isn't really a copy cat per se but you can see where the ideas were fetch piece by piece to create a unique new world. I keep thinking why the process of Ascension is familiar to me though I swear I have never read a book with a world building like this and it just came to me that it reminds me of Video games. Specifically, Multi-online players RPG games where you start as a weak character barely able to finish of little bugs then with a little patience and hard work you level up and a new world opens up with more challenges and more powers to acquire. This novel really is very diverting and fun like the online games but It feels too simplified for a very complex world. The writing is a little brusque for my liking. The sex scenes too distracted to enjoy. I could love this world like a crazy fan and maybe build a website or two to babble about it's greatness with other readers. I can see myself doing all this (so not me) if only there's a little more complexity not in the world building but in the events and characters that made up this world. A little more softness in the dialogues and a little restraint in using the hard-sell ones? Most of the characters swears exactly the same (Who does this?) Maybe fewer meaningless boinking and more insight on the political avenue would make a hell of a difference. I mean the number of times and pages given to a casual, purely hormone driven sex scenes makes the most important sex ritual seem dull and redundant when the scene finally unfolds.

The characters. What is not to love with these hard assed powerful, drop dead gorgeous, witty and snarky characters? All seem to have very deep complex characteristics but despite the effort the writer gives to tell all their tragic pasts I can't get it. You feel as if you ought to applaud and love them. Their pains are just a hair away from yours to feel but can't quite grasp it.

Overall, I think this series is a great hunting and reading experience for would be exceptional writers. Lots of ideas to pick up that just needs a little fine tuning to turn to a best seller. One thing that this novel did to me though is to make me want to re-read the BDB by J.R. Ward. I'm up on my yearly reading challenge so I might just do so. ^-^
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Kristy Groves One this is spot on and exactly how I felt about every aspect of this book. I will read them all as I always do and like the book but there were many pages I just skipped over bc the sex scenes bored me. And BDB is one of my absolute favorites! Can't wait for the new one! I think there is a new one coming soon it may be the Angle series she is writing tho

message 2: by Yui (new) - rated it 3 stars

Yui Thanks for stopping by,Kristy. I barely remember this book aside from a very vague ascension idea. I must have liked it though to inspire me to write a lengthy review when I almost never bother. what a shame. I haven't gotten around to reading that angels series. She's a little deep so I may have to wait a little longer for good timing.

Kristy Groves They aren't as good and don't keep my attention like Blackdagger Brotherhood but they are still entertaining

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