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Breathless by Scott Prussing
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Jul 06, 2011

it was amazing
Read in July, 2011

Scott PrussingHi y'all Anne here I've just finished reading Breathless, I enjoyed this book. The first few chapters give you a well detailed view and introduction to all the characters that will play a main role in the book. The characters are beautifully flawed like real people they don't project a perfect life or life style. They truly are realistic with their struggles in life with a paranormal twist tossed in..
Leesa a shy and loving girl recalls past stories her mother told of a one fanged vampire who attack her while pregnant. While Leesa is faced with special circumstances she never slowed her life down she took her hurddles in life and ran with them. Her brother, also her role model went away to college keeping his promise to always communicate Leesa became distressed when his emails took a dramatic turn and she stopped hearing from him after his last depressing email. On her way to the same college where her brother disappeared, Leesa discovers a whole world she had only heard about in her mothers out ragious tales. Rave is a guy unlike any other but so is Stefan.. Both of these guys take an immediate intrest in Leesa which she finds obserd given both guys are gorgeous.
After being hurled into a world where not only vampires exsist but there are other new races of paranormal she never could have imagined. Rave or Stefan, who should she choose when both are equally deadly. Leesa sets goals for herself to find out all she can about her missing brother and finds all her answers in all the wrong places. She is forced to make a decision that will save her brother but will break her heart at the same time.. When all is said and done a twist of fate brings the end to a staggering conclusion no one could have seen coming and leaves the budding relationships and family wide open for a mind blowing sequel!!
I recommend this book for all vampire lovers who wanna new and crazy taste of breeds never presented in any other series.. Well done with Breathless I can't wait for the next book to come out and see where we go next!!!
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