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The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore
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Jul 06, 2011

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bookshelves: 13-15yrs, young-adult
Read from September 05 to 10, 2011

The story was tighter and more evenly paced than the first, it was very easy to read through quickly and never feel lost (or challenged in any way). There's plenty of action, lots of dialogue, and if you give the characters their movie-actor faces it's all the more pleasing to read. I could, however, feel the presence of the multiple writers who supposedly collaborated on this project: every time an inconsistency popped up it was immediately qualified and explained into the context, as though one in the team said 'ah, but what about...', and then the others brainstormed until they came up with the most credible answer. All very smooth, but not deep.

The romance is pretty much the same as Four with one significant exception: apparently Henri's assertion that Lorenites have only one love in their life was simply his own ideal, and Six sets John straight by explaining that many Lorienites in fact have multiple lovers... which conveniently paves the way for not only a love triangle but a love square: John loves Sarah, but since he spends more time around Six in this book he begins to fall for her as well; Six likes Sam and leads him on a good way, but isn't opposed to locking lips with John as well. So basically they can all just like everyone and 'deal with' (ie get over) whatever old-fashioned dissatisfaction this may lead to. But lest this lead to a cooling of the reader's warm and fuzzies, there's always the consolation of a little animal love.

One insightful addition to this volume in the series was the weak references to religious indoctrination that makes Spain sound like it is still in the stereotypical Middle Ages. Religious devotion is written off as not only unintelligent but even devoid of good will. It is implied that the natural reaction of students is to 'dress like sluts' behind their teachers' backs, and if anyone shows a small sign of interest it only proves they must have been indoctrinated. But really, these kind of stereotypes offer nothing new and have probably lost their sting for most readers.

Overall an easy, unchallenging, predictable read.
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