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Unnatural Issue by Mercedes Lackey
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Jul 12, 2011

liked it
bookshelves: adult-modern-folk-tales-fairy-tales, fantasy
Read from July 09 to 11, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Hmmm. Overall, I really enjoy this series, and I enjoyed this book as well, but I had several issues with it that made me enjoy it less than others in the series. Still, I thought it was an interesting take on the Donkeyskin tale.

On the plus side, I really liked Peter, our hero, and the idea that Robin Goodfellow was our heroine's magic teacher/"fairy godmother". The book was also really creepy at times with the necromancy bits, and it definitely filled me with dread (in a good way) and kept me turning the pages.

On the down side, it took everyone just a little too long to figure out that Richard Whitestone was the possibly the necromancer they were looking for. HELLO HE'S AN EARTH MASTER WHO TURNED COMPLETELY INWARD WHEN HIS WIFE DIED AND NO ONE HAS HEARD FROM HIM SINCE AND HE HATES AND BLAMES THE HEAD OF YOUR MAGIC GROUP FOR TAKING HIM AWAY FROM HIS WIFE AT THE TIME SHE DIED!!! You think maybe he's at least worth investigating, especially since the badness is coming from his part of the country?? And Susanne's infatuation with Charles was...dumb. I saw no reason why someone who seemed as sensible as she started out would just...fall head over heels on first sight with someone like that, completely ignoring Peter until the very last page. The romance was poorly developed. Although I wanted Susanne to notice Peter for his sake, since he loved her, I kind of didn't want her to because I felt he deserved better than a silly girl who ignored him for his slightly more physically handsome friend.

And there was a huge, annoying continuity issue. On page 124, Susanne resolves to "burn" her image packet at the first opportunity so that something that personal never falls into her creepy father's hands. At the bottom of page 129, she burns her image bundle and scatters the ashes. Then on page 337, she apparently still has the image bundle and we as readers are told that you *can't* just burn something like that, it's too personal and you have to unmake it. This image bundle then becomes key to defeating her father. WTF??

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