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Divergent by Veronica Roth
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Aug 17, 2011

it was amazing
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Recommended to Joyzi by: Rollie
Recommended for: The Brave, The Selfless, The Intelligent, The Honest and The Kind or perhaps The Divergent
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Divergent's so good it deserves a white teddy, and that's saying something.

***Review of Divergent***

Note: Without spoiler

I've known a lot of good things about this book, from youtube and goodreads and they were saying that if you liked Hunger Games, definitely you have to read it. Also one of my friends here, Rollie, even mentioned that he liked Divergent more than the Hunger Games. And of course, I trust these people, when they say that a book is amazing, for sure I know it is true.

Then I'm itching to read it, but the problem was, I've no money and I'm even finding a hard time looking for the copy at our National Bookstore. Then, came the time that we went to Mall of Asia and, we're kind of celebrating my 20th birthday and our waiting place was the National Bookstore and I've seen Divergent in the New Releases Section. I think it was really the approriate time, I've money and it's my birthday (4 days kind of late, actually) and I decided to have a birthday treat.

So for those who haven't read it yet I heartily recommend it. It is a Young Adult Book. The genre is dystopian. The futuristic world in Divergent is divided into five factions...
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Abnegation (The Selfless)- symbol: a hand helping another hand
Amity (The Peaceful)- symbol: a tree
Erudite (The Intelligent)- symbol: an eye
Dauntless (The Brave)- symbol: a flame *this is also the symbol in the bookcover
Candor (The Honest)- symbol: scale

If you want to watch the book trailer here it is:

If you're wondering what the term Divergent means it actually means that you can fit to two or more factions. You will know more about it reading the book.

What I really liked about the book is the world the author has created, at first I thought it was really idealistic, but when I'm reading it, I surmised it is flawed (of course I'm reading Dystopia, you know the 101, government and system is corrupted blah blah blah) and it is also more like political so it's really thought provoking and intriguing. I also like that there's romance in this book, but there's no love triangle, so I think it's different.

It's a mix of adventure, lots of fighting and there's training and simulation tests, there's mystery, there's political intrigue, there's humor, lots of violent scenes and it also has romance. So boys and girls I think would love it.

I also like that there's a lot of betrayal, a lot of twists and turns and for most of the time it's not really what I expected. I've been thinking that it could be a contender for the Hunger Games, but I'm not 100% sure if this one is better since this is only the first book in the series. So my decision if Divergent is better than Hunger Games will be decided I think after reading all the books in the trilogy.

PS: I think if I will have to choose for a faction, I'll be Erudite. :)

Note: With spoiler, to those who have read it, just scroll down
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Yay spoilers ^^

The scenes that I did not expect:

1. So while reading it I never really expect that Caleb will choose to be Erudite, I knew that Beatrice will choose Dauntless because of a youtube review I've watched.

2. I was also shocked when I've learned that Beatrice's mom is a former Dauntless and she was killed in the end of the book, I thought that the author would spare her life. And even Tris' dad she had it killed at the first book.

3. Four's real identity. I thought that when at the start of the book when they're talking about Tobias and Marcus it never really crossed in my mind that that conversation would be important. And Four is Tobias and then at the end of the book he was reunited with his dad. I don't know if Marcus was really an evil character, I think we'll know more about it as the series progresses.

4. The end part of this book really came out as a shocker. There's war, there's genocide and all came out really intense and violent. There are important characters that were killed like Will and Tris killed her. Tris' mom and dad were killed. A lot of Abnegations were killed. And we don't know what will happen to Tori and Christina.

5. Two factions are left in chaos and we don't know what will happen to the Dauntless and the Abnegation. And it seems that for a while they will be factionless. I'm not also really sure what will happen in Amity and Candor if they will support the Abnegation refugees or the Erudites.

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message 76: by Say (new) - rated it 5 stars

Say yey!!! happy bday!!! a nice bday gift! great book!

Joyzi I know, I'm really excited that I now have a copy

Alyssa Calloway Happy birthday! I loved this book so much. I hope you do too!

Joyzi Thanks ^^

Maria c'mon Joyzi! i want to read your review!

Joyzi ah okay wait ^^ (is it okay if it's full of spoilers?)

Precious Yayayayayay! I'm SO glad you liked this one! :)

Joyzi I really love it! Intense and powerful

Maria Joyzi wrote: "ah okay wait ^^ (is it okay if it's full of spoilers?)"

anything goes! i just wanna read about Four again. *evil grins*

Maria I agree, it's not yet the right time to compare this to THG since this just the first book. happy you loved it!

Joyzi yeah but I think it has great potential, I'm really excited for the next one, I saw that the title is Insurgent I don't even know what that supposed to mean

Precious If you liked this then you might love Legend by Marie Lu! XD My fave dysto.

Joyzi kay thanks, I'm going to search for it

Joyzi The expected date of publication is in November 2011, so you got it as an arc. I'll keep an eye on it

Precious Yep! :) It'll be a movie too.

Joyzi whoa really

Joyzi here I find a book trailer

Maria Joyzi wrote: "yeah but I think it has great potential, I'm really excited for the next one, I saw that the title is Insurgent I don't even know what that supposed to mean"

Insurgent means to rebel (or rebellious) ;-)

Joyzi ah this is more fast paced than Hunger Games then wherein the rebellion starts with the third book...

I wonder if in the next book there will be a full blown war or the author will have to stretch the plot a little bit

Veneficus very nice review, joyzi! Nagustuhan Ko rin 'to pero talagang nakulangan lang kaunti. Bumawi naman sa last part (fave part Ko). : ) at tsaka, 'nga pala, subukan mo 'tong book na 'to, Blood Red Road, and I think mas na-enjoy Ko kaysa Divergent. :D

Joyzi kay daming dystopia recommendations :)

Veneficus baka sa Thursday or Friday punta kong Makati, text na lang kita

Veneficus hala, I'm not sure kung makakapunta Ako. Pero kung dito sa Alabang, okay lang (kung makakadaan ka). 'nga pala, you can keep one of Marchetta books, post-birthday Ko na rin sa'yo. :D

'yung tungkol sa Blood Red Road, nagDL lang Ako ng ebook. Haha. Uh, I think Maria has a copy of it, na kay Rollie 'ata sa ngayon.

Joyzi okay sige I'm going to search na lang muna sa 4shared :) sige I'll try makapunta, sana di maligaw may kasama naman akong friend... natapos mo na ba Lost Hero?

Veneficus hindi pa, chapter 2 pa lang Ako. Haha. Busy kasi eh. Tsaka ang balak Ko talaga, one month before mai-release ang Son of Neptune Ko babasahin. Gusto Ko walang sagabal pagdating kay Riordan. :D

kung .mobi or .epub ang e-book na hanap mo, send Ko sa'yo yung link.

Joyzi sige sige, pm ko sau, email add ko, ay hindi mo pa pala tapos, uhhm gusto mo swap na lang tau ulit sa meetup sa December?

Gabby oh wow! i miss reading your book reviews joyzi.. hehe...

I'm about to read this when sembreak starts.. LOL

belated happy birthday! :)

Joyzi Thanks Gabby, I miss goodreads too hehe, good luck on your studies

message 49: by Janus Vielle (last edited Aug 08, 2011 06:24AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Janus Vielle the Erudite Artist Maria: inaagawan mo nanaman ako kay Tobias! Grrr! haha!
Joyzi: belated happy birthday! nice gift for yourself. worth the money naman diba... ^_^
Gabby: don't wait for sembreak! Read it now!
Divergent before studies! woohoo! bad influence? hahaha... kidding!

Joyzi Lol naalala ko tuloy, Faction before blood

Maria oo nga Gabby, bat d mo pa binabasa to?!!! don't wait for sembreak!

Janus, let's face it - i met him first :| hahaha!

Joyzi Lol baka mapressured si Gabby, pero sa 'kin ok lang na sembreak mo na basahin, para di ka mahassle

Janus Vielle the Erudite Artist no way! halos sabay lang tayo.. hahahaha!
Joyzi, lagi namin kasi inaasar yang si gabby eh.. *evil grin*

Joyzi ganun ba lol, I'm sure naman babasahin niya pa rin yung Divergent, Go Gabby

Rollie Did I say that? You're too vocal about my preference. :D It was a secret that I liked it. Nevertheless, thanks! Haha

Maria Double R wrote: "Did I say that? You're too vocal about my preference. :D It was a secret that I liked it. Nevertheless, thanks! Haha"

secret ka jan. un din kaya sinabi mo saken. :)

Joyzi naku patay haha, I thought it was never a secret cause you're too madaldal when you say it

Maria Joyzi wrote: "naku patay haha, I thought it was never a secret cause you're too madaldal when you say it"

tama! c Rollie po ay madaldal. bow. hahahaha!

Kwesi 章英狮 Belated happy birthday!

Joyzi salamat Kweski! Ei punta ka dun sa Book Fest sa MOA?

Kwesi 章英狮 Book Fest or you mean MIBF?

Joyzi yeah, that's it

Joyzi Are you attending?

Rollie Haha. Madaldal kayo diyan. Ang silent ko nga e. :) Tipong di makabasag pinggan. Haha

Joyzi di makabasag pinggan ka pang nalalaman

Kwesi 章英狮 @Joyzi: And I'll be attending the first blog or reader con which will be held at the same venue. Are you planning to come?

@Rollie: Feeler, wag kang magsabing di ka maingay baka patayin ka ni God ng maaga niyan. Haha.

Joyzi I'm planning but I'm still not sure if I can come

Rollie Di nga ako maingay! Kahit sa trabahao ko, inis sila sakin kasi di ako nagsasalita. Haha. Manigas sila!

Joyzi di daw nagsasalita, lokohin mo lelang mo

message 27: by K.D. (new) - rated it 1 star

K.D. Absolutely Welcome back. Now I can really feel that you are back. Back to your old nice style of writing reviews! :)

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