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Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen
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Jul 05, 2011

did not like it
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No. No. No. No. Absolutely No. I've always loved Zombies but only have recently started getting into the genre but this book is just an abomination. Pun horribly intended.

I've recently finished Mira Grant, JL Bourne, Max Brooks, Craig DiLouie, Seth Grahame-Smith and I can tell you this is NOT up to par. Yes, I know this is suppose to be more of a romantic comedy and I actually love the romance genre but this just rubbed me wrong.

The heroine is meant to be funny but to me it seemed like she was personality-challenged. All the harping! (which I understand bec her husband was bummish) but the fighting got old between them.


There was a scene in which the hero absolutely blows up because the heroine (wisely) refused to go charging in to a casino/hotel. Yes. You heard me. The hero Insisted on going into what may be a zombie infested environment. Cooome onnn! Where is your sense of preservation? Common sense? Of course at this point I was hoping the heroine would slap some sense into him but does she? Dun dun dun....

No she doesn't! Because he blows up and tells her what a harpy she is (not in those words but close) so she caves in and off they went merrily into Zombie Casino.

THEN when they get there, what do they find? (besides 90-yr old zombie women playing the slots??? Que? Don't all brain functions cease after undeath? Did the rules change??)

Sorry I am totally getting off my point. What did they find?.....They find crazy cult leader who is off to propagate the world by spreading his seed indiscriminately. Machete wielding cultists. How did these psychos survive?

At this point I was hoping for a Zombie invasion. So I can have a few laughs. And for the idiotically sad hero and heroine to learn their lesson posthumously that YOU DO NOT ENTER CASINOS OR HOTELS BY YOURSELVES WHEN ZOMBIES RULE THE WORLD (unless you have military backup or a grenade launcher of course. Duh). Gak! Didn't I say this book rubbed me the wrong way?

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message 1: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel Ha ha ha! What a funny review.I officially have no interest in reading this book!

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