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Eye of the Tempest by Nicole Peeler
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Aug 13, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from August 12 to 13, 2011

Another great entry in the Jane True saga. What I like best about this series is the skilled storytelling. Dr. Peeler crafts a really good tale for each book and has a clear plan for the series as well. It's just tremendous fun to sit back and watch Nicole do her thing, she writes these books that are just wonderfully good fun on the surface but that are also really thoughtfully designed and smart. The series has a clear plan, it isn't like some that just sort of bumble along with the heroine jumping into various mysteries each book and quickly losing steam several books into the series. Each book in this series expands Jane's world, both personally and in the overall story arc. It is really satisfying to read each book and see Jane grow up and gain power as a woman of the world, in her relationships with her friends and family, with romantic relationship, and as a power to be reckoned with in the supernatural community. And the way that the supernatural story arc expands during each book makes it really interesting to follow the story as well; what started out in the first book as a local conflict became regional, and is now has worldwide implications. Each step of the unfolding story made sense, added interest and urgency and was totally logical and skilled storytelling. Underneath the banter and laugh-out-lloud humor and really exciting action and very sexy love scenes (and very frustrating interruptions) is a lot of skilled writing. 

So, as for this book specifically, it's sort of the first book in the next stage of Jane's story. They wrapped up their hunt to shut down the Alfar labs and in the process there was a major shift in political power in their region that seems to have sparked a revolution that may effect the whole world, or have revealed something that was there all along. And although Jane would love to settle down in Rockabill and shag away with sexy Anyan (who can blame her), she is once again caught up in major events as they happen. Because quiet Rockabill has a lot of secrets, which makes a lot of sense, or else why are all of these hugely powerful magical folk all living there? Too convenient, eh? 

The story was very good. The focus was really on Jane taking the next step in deciding what she wants to do and what she's willing to do. She continues to grow in strength both emotionally and magically. I loved the addition of Blondie and the revelations that went with her. I liked the follow-up about Iris, that things weren't just dropped or swept under the rug. I also like the way things are handled with Ryu, very adult and appropriate. And of course I like best the way things were handled with Anyan. But these interruptions are going to make me insane!

My only quibble in the whole thing was how her dad got healed. It felt too easy. If he could get healed that easily, why didn't someone tell her earlier, she could have told him her secret and gotten him heathy long ago. I'd have been awfully mad if someone made my dad suffer for all of that time, with a chance that he could have a heart attack and die at any moment unnecessarily, but she never questioned the timing, was just glad he was healthy. Maybe Nicole realized that she needed him healthy for something in a future book or something, but it felt really sudden and out of place.

But that was such a tiny little thing. Overall it was a very good story full of laughs, excitement and sexy times. Can't ask for more than that.
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11.0% "And with that Jane goes international. Or intercontinental perhaps, since she's been to Canada."
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11.0% "I love that Doc Peeler has a plan, each book grows in scope, in the story arc and in Jane's maturity and love life."
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46.0% "Well at least she gave us a very sexy scene before they got interrupted again."

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