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Jul 04, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from March 27 to April 06, 2012

(*big satisfied sigh*)
Well, I was a little worried about how this book (Tohr's story) might play out. Tohr has been in misery over losing his Wellsie for just over 15 months (has it only been 15 months? It seems so much longer...) Anyway, in this book he has to move on and get past his grief because Wellsie is (view spoiler)

So that's the main plot going on in Lover Reborn. Tohr reconnects with a woman from his past (before Wellsie)--No 'One. No'One is actually Xhex's mother (I think her past was told in Lover Mine). Tohr is attracted to the pretty, petite blonde No'One but of course doesn't want to be--that would be a betrayal to his beloved Wellsie and he just can't see himself loving another woman after Wellsie. But...the angel Lassiter lets Tohr in on what's happening to Wellsie, how she's (view spoiler) and Tohr is appropriately horrified. If Tohr "physically" moves on with another woman, will that be enough to save his beloved?


I think like most BDB fans, I couldn't imagine Tohr with anyone else. I loved Tohr and Wellsie! I mean, it was such a shock when Wellsie was killed off, I grieved along with Tohr. But Tohr really took his grief to the next level...I mean he grieved! And I hated seeing him that lost and miserable, so I was ready to see how J.R. Ward was going to move him forward. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy, but it was oh so satisfying! I loved every minute of it--the reluctance, the angst, the giving in, the passion, the denial of feelings, the cruel truth, and the acceptance...all the stages of grief that he went through. It wasn't about finding a new love to replace Wellsie in his heart, but finding the courage to accept what was and move forward. I just thought the whole plot was beautifully conceived and written.


I really liked No'One, or Autumn, as she came to be known (after Tohr renamed her in one of the most moving parts of the book). She had her own journey to go through right along with Tohr, had some truths to face about herself too, and it was definitely not all smooth sailing. I thought her love scenes with Tohr were smokin' hot (can Ward write erotica or what?), and wow, the effect her 'needing' had on some other couples...whew!

Well, besides Tohr and No'One, this book had plenty to offer:

*Xhex and John Matthew are having trouble in their marriage. John Matthew doesn't know if he can stand to have Xhex fighting along with the Brothers--what if she gets hurt and he ends up like Tohr? Can they come to some kind of compromise or is their marriage doomed?
I love JM...that's all I'm going to say about this. *sigh*

*The Band of Bastards (led by the cruel and powerful Xcor) are working at dethroning Wrath. Will they be successful?
I'm rather enjoying this storyline. I like how we're finding out more and more about Xcor and what makes him tick, and oh boy, if he ever does connect with (view spoiler), look out!

*Lassiter! He's desperate to help Tohr, at first to help himself get out of the trouble he's in with the Maker, but later...he really does want to help Tohr and No'One
I loved this quirky, TV-lovin' angel! He's so funny, he's got some great lines in the story...every time he showed up the pages came alive. I hope he gets a story soon because I want to find out more about him!

*Qhuinn and Layla. Ooooh, they do something that could have far reaching consequences. Oh yeah. Hmmn...can't wait to see what happens there...

*Qhuinn and Blay. Yesss, get away from Saxton! Sadly, not much happens with them in this book, but... Oh yeah, this is going to heat up soon...

*Cameos from all the Brothers and a few of the shellans. I just love when the Brothers pop in and out of the book. I love seeing them, even if they only have a few words to say. I especially loved the touching scene at the end where each of the Brothers presented Tohr (view spoiler) What a scene that was. Brought tears to my eyes. I love these guys.

So yes, Ward left us with some unfinished business, which is fine with me. She wrapped up the main storyline but left us with just enough to keep us hanging and eagerly anticipating the next installment, as we should be. You know, I've never been disappointed with any of the BDB books. Of course I have my favorites, but each story manages to move the series along in the direction Ms. Ward wants to go, and I'm happy to give her free reign and to follow along. Lover Reborn was an immensely satisfying, steamy read, and did right by Tohr. Ward is such a skilled storyteller that I'm eager to immerse myself in her colorful world. Now, when's the next one due out? 5 stars
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UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Lover Reborn was an immensely satisfying, steamy read, and did right by Tohr. Ward is such a skilled storyteller that I'm eager to immerse myself in her colorful world.

Hear, hear!!! Awesome review, Auntee.

I truly, TRULY loved this story... more than I had ever imagined possible. I think the WARDen did a great job of handling this delicate storyline with compassion, respect and so much love you could just feel it coming off the pages.


Auntee I think we're on the same page with this one. I think it had the perfect balance.:)

Taryn Why couldn't that be the cover for Tohr's book? That's exactly who I see!

Auntee I know how you feel. I've always had an image in my head of Tohr and that cover just isn't it.:(

Taryn I wish publishers wouldn't put a face on the book covers.....everyone has different views of what the characters look like. For instance, I've always seen Butch as the late Billy Mays (Oxy Clean guy). Don't ask me why but I always have, but that doesn't mean I want that face on the cover! Grrrr. Gets me so mad sometimes. I didn't like Rehv's cover either.

Beanbag Love Great review, Auntee. I've actually had your Henry in mind as Tohr for a long time. :)

I hate faces on covers too. Actually I hate all people on covers. Even just male torsos. Just give me a symbol or something, I'll let my imagination do the rest.

Auntee No kidding, Beanbag? Henry as Tohr? Oooh, I'll have to think about that one!:)

Billy Mays as Butch? Wow, interesting...

Hey, thanks ladies!:)

Carol *Young at Heart Oldie* Excellent review, Auntie!

Auntee Thanks Carol.:)

SheLove2Read I love your Tohr

Christy Blevins Auntee, I just finished this book yesterday and OMG! Can you believe Quinn and Layla?? WOW!

Auntee I know--now what will that mean for Qhuinn and Blay???

Brittany B. Auntee this is a really fantastic review!

Brittany B. Auntee this is a really fantastic review!

Christy Blevins I know right!

Auntee Thanks Brittany!:)

message 68: by Eastofoz (last edited May 21, 2012 04:09PM) (new) - added it

Eastofoz Great spoiler free review Auntee :D I'm still not sure about reading his story but I certainly want to continue the series in order. I heard that the next book is FINALLY about Blay and Qhuinn :D

Auntee Thanks East!
I urge you to try this one. Not a lot of Blay and Qhuinn in this one, but what there is is important to the series.:)

message 70: by Eastofoz (new) - added it

Eastofoz Auntee wrote: "Thanks East!
I urge you to try this one. Not a lot of Blay and Qhuinn in this one, but what there is is important to the series.:)"

Well it looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and give it a read. It has really high ratings too :-)

Auntee There you go!:D

KellBell Those two pics are perfect! Almost exactly how I imagined them!!

Auntee Thanks!:)

Sunny Thanks for setting my mind at ease...anxious about this one. Now I'm looking forward to it!

Auntee No worries Sunny, this was a good one!:)

Bespectacledreader I am also worried about Tohr's story because as far as I could remember the synopsis involves 3 people Tohr-Wellsie-and the other woman [reading your review found name is: Autumn] that did not sit well with me. Seeing your review, I am still worried but I am now intrigued. Thank you.

Auntee No worries, this was a good one. And I wanted Tohr to be happy again.:)

Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover and KA Addict ❤️ Fantastic review Auntee, how did I miss it?!!!!

Bespectacledreader Auntee :) Finally I've read it! And darn I agree with this review! (oh look I did comment on this last 08/30/15 hahaha why did i not read it that time?) I love love love love it! Big stisfied sigh indeed!

Auntee Thanks Dorsey and Bespec!:)

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