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Left Behind by Tim LaHaye
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Jul 04, 2011

really liked it

For centuries, people happily ensconced in the world system have scoffed at Christian beliefs. They give no credence to talk of life after death, miracles, the reality of Christ’s indwelling spirit, and the power of prayer. Yet no one has ever experienced a life on earth with no Christian presence to stem the tide of unrighteousness set in motion by Adam and Eve.

In the Left Behind Series, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins add their imaginations to Bible prophecy to create a tale of what those future days might be like. From the moment I opened the first book in the series, I knew I was embarking on an adventure that would change me.

The story begins with a man on a plane. Even though he’s a commercial pilot with a panoramic view of the world from 30, 000 feet, he sees no further than his own dissatisfaction and desires. What’s that saying . . . ? “A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small package.” That’s Rayford Steele.

Also on the plane is award-winning journalist Cameron “Buck” Williams. Buck is fresh from a trip to Israel, where he witnessed the miraculous defeat of the Russian forces who attempted to destroy that country. After which, his Christian friends encouraged him even more strongly to believe in Christ. But Buck is not quite ready for that.

Who’s not on the plane? Dozens of passengers who suddenly vanish into thin air, leaving behind their clothes, socks, shoes, and companions.

Pretty intriguing, right? And that’s just the first nineteen pages.

What follows is an action-packed thriller that follows the political developments on earth as well as the spiritual journeys of Rayford and Buck. Book one covers the Rapture of Christians and the start of the seven-year Tribulation, as well as introduces several key players—Rayford’s daughter Chloe, Hattie Durham, Dr. Chaim Rosenzweig, Nicolae Carpathia—and ends with a fascinating cliff hanger inside the UN.

I first read Left Behind fifteen years ago, when this book was the hot new read in Christian circles. I marveled at the way the authors portrayed a future I considered distant.

Recently, I was drawn to re-read the series because of events and changes occurring in the world around me—things I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

That distant future may be closer than I’d imagined.

If you’d like to gain a biblical understanding of end times prophecy and be entertained while you’re learning, I encourage you to check out this series.

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Barbara I love the Left Behind series. I agree that world events lately are very intriguing in light of Scripture!

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