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Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow
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Oct 16, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: mystery, 1-character-forming, 2-caution
Read in February, 2008

Voted #5 of 100 best mysteries of all time by Mystery Writers of America (www.mysterywriters.org) and see also World Magazine January 12/19, 2008, pg. 27).
Found this at a used book sale for $1. Remembered that it was brilliant and I wanted to read it again with the murderer in mind, but that I had a severe caution on it. Decided to buy and read it once more and then sell it.

However, living in Rusty Sabich's head was so smutty and disgusting and icky that I just couldn't get through it again. I skipped to the end to certain parts that intrigued me and now I am completely ready to wash this book right out of my hair and send it on it's way. I just haven't quite decided how to do it yet. I hate to junk it, but I don't feel I can sell it...maybe i'll donate it to the library.

In the end, I appreciate the writing, but the grime is too much for me. I cannot even get through the book a second time! I'm downgrading to 2 stars. You have to give it one for a rating on goodreads, even if you hate it. I'll allow one more for the amazing plot, but with all the surrounding gunk renders this a disappointing read.


Okay, disclaimers first. This book went beyond gritty to dirty. The "F" word is a standard part of the vocab of most all characters throughout. The Lord's name is taken in vain repeatedly. Masturbation, oral sex (often coerced), and anal sex are all described at some point. Yuk. This book is not for the faint of heart, and there are many times when i asked myself, should i even keep on reading this?

So why am i even confessing I finished?

Because, i couldn't put it down. The plot was thick and intriguing. The main character, fascinating in his internal processing (okay, not on all subjects). And, with a title like "Presumed Innocent" you are looking all around to see who you think it is that committed the murder. I never suspected the outcome. i was completely blind sided (twice!) in the last few chapters. in the end, it is explained (with a couple of different nuances), and it was all there the entire time. An unbiased look at the evidence should have made it obvious. But i didn't see it. WOW. But, a cautious WOW.

Other high points were the section on the protagonist's appeals to God (insightful into how most unbelievers interact with Him). And numerous insights into the legal/ political process.

I want to recommend it, but.... the negatives are incredibly flagrant. The modern novel really is depressing that way, the trash i mean. Who wants to read that in 100 years? I guess some day the Lord will see who does... and I'm not sure i should have finished it.
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Ebookwormy DM. I am having the same feelings. Cannot read everything, so i'm trying to be more discerning. I think Goodreads helps me with that a lot. Anything you've read recently in this genre that you would recommend?

Ebookwormy thanks. i added michael robotham to my to-reads. Did you know Shatter is #3 and Bleed for me #4 in the series?

Ebookwormy oops just saw Jeffrey Deaver and added him to my list too!

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