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Evernight by Claudia Gray
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Jan 20, 2014

did not like it
bookshelves: not-again, cheese, hate, predictable, just-begging-for-snark, love-triangles

Sorry, guys. I deleted this review because I basically explained the WHOLE damn story in it. It was back when I was a shit reviewer.

But thank you for all those who read and like it! I love you beautiful beings!
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Reading Progress

03/11 page 19
6.0% ""But he wasn't a stranger. He hadn't been since the first time I realized that he'd been trying to save my life. I felt as though I'd always known Lucas, as if I'd been waiting years for him to arrive." Oh, great... Really? description" 12 comments
03/12 page 98
30.0% "Okay, Bianca jumps to conclusions a bit too fast. I mean, she barely knows this Lucas kid and she's already pondering over the fact that he's hers and only hers. Kid saved you once, Bianca. He ain't your soul mate now. Chill." 1 comment
03/12 page 147
45.0% "How can I possibly take this book seriously when one of the characters name is Balthazar? And one of the other character's name is spelled, "Erich?" Erich!?"
03/12 page 147
45.0% ""Dad and Mom always told ne how it would happen someday. That I'd feel this need to bite." Ummm... What in the world? When? No they didn't. I don't remember anything, Bianca. Care to explain?"
03/13 page 218
67.0% "Okay. So Bianca is a vampire attending a school for vampires. That's nice. Wait.. WHAT?! description"
03/13 page 218
67.0% "Okay, okay. Where in the world did this book mention that this is a vampire school? *looks at prologue* Okay, yes. But that's not enough! I forgot that there was a prologue, to begin with! Ugh! Horrible twist!"
03/13 page 232
71.0% "Ooookkayyy. So Bianca just told Lucas that she's a vampire and that he attends a school filled with "vampires." And he's all like, "OKAY! KEWL! Let's make out! Oh, and feel free to bite me if you want!" This book is amazing! *sniff sniff*"
04/11 marked as: read

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Haleema You've done nothing wrong!

I agree!

Haleema That's true! She sure loves her characters being damsels in distress!

message 3: by Evilazula (new)

Evilazula This is the funniest thing I've ever read. Proceeding to read ALL of your other reviews!

Haleema Lol, why thank you! =D

message 5: by Jocey (new) - added it

Jocey Lu hahahahahaha is that the cookie monster

message 6: by Haleema (last edited May 21, 2012 04:52AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Haleema My profile picture? Why, yes it is! =D

message 7: by Shalom (new) - added it

Shalom Wow, I completely agree with everything you said! When it came out that she knew that she was going to become a vampire all along and we didn't know that I was like WTF? Glad to see I wasn't the only one that found this book horrible!

Tina ♥ Bookaholic haha, I love this review as well! It's awesome and soo true and I can't agree more! Just stupid all the things...but it's honorable that you've made it till the end. I stopped the book at the point where she bite Lucas and where it was explained that she is the freaking vampire... That was too much for me xD

Konica Sh I couldn't carry on after first 2-3 pages, eventually forgot what this book was all about. then i was having this bargain whether to start reading this one again and guess what! I found what I need, a detailed review of what to expect! and no doubt now I can give up this one...thanks for your amazing review :)

Haleema This is really a poor book. *shakes head*

Thank you!

Bianca Moro I agree with everything you wrote especially "when did vampires come into this story" and "Really, Bianca, really? You've known him for, what, five minutes!" .. it really annoyed me when they said they loved each other because it felt as if they'd only known each other for a week. I'm pretty sure you don't love somebody in a week unless your 5.


message 13: by Halo (new)

Halo the book may not have received 5 stars, but your review certainly deserves it! ;)

message 14: by Dee (new) - added it

Dee Loved the review! Vowing to not waste my time on this one.

message 15: by Breesc23 (new) - added it

Breesc23 I enjoyed this review lol. It makes me want to read the book, even though it was a not-so-good review

message 16: by Ally (new)

Ally Awesome review! Made me LOL! Was going to attempt this series, but think I'll give it a miss .....

message 17: by cheryl (new)

cheryl Thank u for savin me frm reading thi series. Lol ur review was the best

message 18: by Marwa (new)

Marwa Charradi Actually I've read this book two years ago and now I am on the Good Reads thing... You know that adding read books stuff... Anyway, I remembered myself reading it as I said two years ago and thought of the fact if there was a book two. I made a research "Evernight" on Good Reads, found both the book I read and the one I am looking for. I clicked on the one I read "Evernight #1" since I was willing to read the second book not having an idea about the first. by the way I wondered how did I forget it because usually we don't forget a book ... we loved! So I read the Good Reads summary of the book and fell on your preview while scrolling down! I read it (laughed a lot while reading) and realised one enormous capital thing: Evernight is a piece of *shit* ... Except for the recycled paper needed for nearly 500 hundred pages plus the cover... (I am not sure about the number as I said I forgot everything about the book). Shortly, before reading this preview I was planning to add "Evernight #2" to the want to read shelf but after reading this magnificent preview I am not!

message 19: by cheryl (new)

cheryl LOL ur review was awsom. Before readin this review i was tempted to read the book but now no way, thnx 4 savin me frm wastin my time

Jackie I actually enjoyed the book until the big reveal... then that kinda ruined the rest of it for me and I never picked up the rest of the series. The sarcasm you put in your review on that were my thoughts exactly.

message 21: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Smith wish i could of read it everyone is saying it is superb and i will read the book and might let you know what i think and if its terrible i will trust you next time plus u can type ha and told u so.Thanks for exspressing your opinion and from what i read it was very accurate

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