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Pokémon Adventures, Vol. 13 by Hidenori Kusaka
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Jul 03, 2011

it was amazing

The Gym Leader Tournament is in full swing...Gold and Krys enter the stadium to find out who the traitor is...Lance reveals the traitor's probable plot...Silver does what he does best (argues with Lance and sneaks around)--this volume is full of all the elements that keeps the story moving in this manga series. The depth of the characters...from major to minor...the attention to story-plotting and love of the little "pocket-monsters", this is what this series does best and makes it so enjoyable for readers of any age.

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zack sparrow25 i haven't red(sneek sneek(-;)this one yet but i read all of johto up to here. and cyndaquill is the best starter. me and my friend are producing a new game with starters octopuds(fave)water, firapter(also fave. not as good as cyndaquill though)fire, and pecky the grass type! and we bringin back johto starters new and improved with mega evolutions (MEGA TYPHLOSION!!!) like kalos did with kanto. so many new pokemon and team tremble . tremble in fear and mutation ray and mega mutations and arctistone+volcastone----arcticannon+volcanon-------arctitomic+volcanuke stuff. i hope it gets accepted when we send it to gamefreak and nintendo and gets turned into a real awesome not boot-leg or fan-made pokemon game.

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