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The World as Will and Idea by Arthur Schopenhauer
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Jul 24, 11

Read from July 02 to 24, 2011

From p. 62 of my edition: "every one who does not wish to remain uncultured, and ot be numbered with the ignorant and incompetent multitude, must study speculative philosophy." Well, I know what group I want to be in! This is my second time reading this massive, ambiotious & important work. The author recommends reading it twice, but maybe not tw decadeds between readings. Well, I hoppe to read it one more before I die and maybe that'll be OK. Preferably preceeded by some serious Kant. This time I followed more of the author's advice and read first his book-length Kantian dissection. That helped. I got a lot more out of the reading this time. First time 5%, this time 11%? I appreciated his even assessment of Hindu and other exotic philosophied and following up with reading Dawkins I see a radical atheism latent in the heaven=ennui and other assessments in the final quarter of Book 3. I wish net time for a edition that offers English translations of the numerous foreign language quotes, generally in Greek or Latin. While reading this I watched The Green Lantern movie and am convinced the Lantern Corps' will as the ultimate energy basis is a Schopenhauer inspiration.
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