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The Flint Heart by Katherine Paterson
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In the Stone Age when magic was entwined with the life of humans, Putt, a power hungry hunter demanded a talisman from the local wise man, Fum. The Thunder God found this amusing and empowered Fum to make The Flint Heart. When worn this object replaces a warm, loving heart with a cold, power hungry stone and creates havoc in families and tribes. When Putt dies, Fum sends the stone into the grave with him imagining that the evil will rest alongside Putt.
Will that do? This is a story! Of course, No!
After centuries laying in wait, the Flint Heart is rediscovered. The appearance of the talisman casts Charles and Unity, members of a large, loving family into the roles of unlikely heroes as they take on the task of ridding their village of the dastardly Flint Heart and its nefarious effects.

How this book came to be is interesting. Perhaps there are books in your memory – books you remember that have fallen away, out of print, are generally forgotten. You love them and wish they would come back into print. One such title is The Flint Heart. As I understand it, John Patterson (husband of the beloved Katherine Patterson) found a copy of the 1910 edition, thought it was great and tried to get it reissued. No dice, there were so many archaic references…it fell to Katherine and John to loosely rewrite the story. They kept the wonderful elements and crafted a story that is a tale that will charm children and families and is a candidate as a favorite read aloud.

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