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The Original Argument by Glenn Beck
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Jul 07, 11

A pretty faithful English-to-... well, English translation of the original Federalist Papers. It does make them easier to read, but I still suggest reading the originals. In any event, the book is pretty good at its task of giving you an insight into what the Framers originally intended when coming up with the Constitution. Here's a hint: It's most likely not what you've been told. Did you know Hamilton argued against the Bill of Rights? Do you know why? Do you know what the "necessary and proper" clause actually means?

It's probably because Madison, Jay, and especially Hamilton, were proponents of a strong central government (relatively speaking, which is why you should also read the "Anti-Federalist Papers") that they couldn't see how badly things would have been mangled, or how the Federal government would have swelled this far beyond the constraints the Framers had put in place. Actually, there are more than a few times that "Publius" argued that what we now know has come to pass would never come to pass. My only real gripe is that the Papers aren't presented in order, but instead grouped by subject.

It's well worth reading, and for less than ten bucks, it's affordable. Or hit up someplace like Project Gutenberg and get the original Federalist Papers for free. I suggest both, and suggest these just be the start.
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