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Cinderella by Maureen McGowan
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Jul 02, 11

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Read from June 30 to July 02, 2011

When I was a kid I used to love those "choose your own path" books. I felt like no matter the decision I made, the story would come alive and I'd have consequences or rewards based on the path of my choosing. Sometimes, when I was in a feisty mood, I'd make the bad choices, or if I was feeling particularly good, the right choices - but either way I was highly entertained.

Cinderella: Ninja Warrior is a "choose your own adventure" book - but with one slight exception. What I remember of those books was that the ending was always affected by your choice - whereas in Cinderella: Ninja Warrior the ending is the same, no matter your choice. So yes - you can have eight different paths through the book, but no matter the path you choose you end up in the same exact spot as all of the others.

This, folks, defeats the purpose of a "choose your own" adventure.

Now, granted, I should have expected something silly and mildly entertaining from a book titled Cinderella: Ninja Warrior - and I think had I been a middle-grade student reading through the book would have been highly entertaining and lots of fun, but even as a pre-teen, I would have been disappointed by the predictable ending. The adult in me was hopeful, thinking if I made the right choices, if I gave Cinderella the opportunity to show that life isn't always about marrying the prince, that the story would change a little bit - but I was disappointed.

So, in short, cute book, but does not live up to the potential that could have been there.

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