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Death by Supermarket by Nancy Deville
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I wanted to be impressed with this book but the author unfortunately made herself (and therefore her stances) seem unreliable. Here is an example of what I mean.

On page 91 of my copy, marked by note 127, is a quote from a physician asserting the following: "The myth that soy is a health food has led many parents to believe that soy milk is a complete and nourishing food not only for adults but for babies and children." I take no issue with the quote. Maybe soy is great for you, maybe it isn't. It could be bad for kids and babies. This physician feels it's not such a wonderful product.

The part that bothers me and seems deliberately inflammatory is the second half of the statement, in which Deville says that this quote was taken from a "newsletter that discusses the possible link between soy milk and the death of three-month-old Brooklyn twins."

So at this point, my eyes popped out of my head. What? Soy milk was involved in the death of some babies?! But why does Deville not explain further? And then my alarm settled a bit and I realized that she doesn't explain further because there is nothing to explain. If soy milk had been clearly fingered as a contributing cause of the death of these children, she'd have been more explicit. In fact, I looked it all up and it took 20 minutes but I did find that although the children drank soy milk prior to their deaths, there is no publicly declared explanation for their deaths.

But why did I, the reader, have to do research to get a full understanding of Deville's research? That's not how this is supposed to work. Oh well.

EDIT: I feel that I should add that I do not fundamentally disagree with Deville's assertions in general; I agree that factory foodstuffs are hugely problematic, etc, etc. I was rubbed the wrong way by her over-the-top rhetoric which surges forth every few pages and by her alarmist tendencies.

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