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Mar 21, 2015

(Review from the author)
it was amazing
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This review is from: Freestyle For Life
YESSSSSSSS these lines and words by latif are to the t with emotion and reality. i grew up on freestyle and playing it in my dj sets globally and til this day i still spin freestyle. in my eyes la is a pioneer and and a major part of the freestyle world. so for him to be able to put this out for us to read is a blessing. i salute you big homie. your word play is AWSOME!!! i thank you la, greats words and story line behind SOLO

Lil Suzy
This review is from: Freestyle For Life
This book is AMAZING!!! Totally NOT what you would expect. The twists and turns in this book, will get you hooked from the very first page. Just when you think you know what's going to happen next, BAM! something that knocks you for a loop happens. The way Latif tells the story (his awesome style of writing) really makes you feel like you are living the story. You must get this book!! You will not be dissapointed. I read it in 5 hrs. I couldn't put my iPad down! I'm so excited to read his next novel. If Latifs very first novel, is this good, I can't even imagine what the future holds.. FREESTYLE FOR LIFE baby!!!!!

This review is from: Freestyle For Life
This novel was great it had me going from the first page to the last page, I was able to see a lot of myself in this story. There were many times through out the book that i just knew what was going to happen and to my surprise i found out that am no mind reader and the story goes in the other direction.

There was a happy ending, but not the one i was looking for and that was what i did'nt expect. All and all i cant remember the last time i read a whole book and this one was worth me reading.

I enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading his next book, and that is coming from a man that don't read novels at all. By the way there can be a part 2 to this book and it can end the way i want it too lol.

Angel "Original CoverGirl"
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This review is from: Freestyle For Life
Being Latif's wife, I was a bit reluctant to write this review, but seeing as I'm a huge fan of urban novels it was only right. I watched as his story developed from an idea to a published book. I've seen it grow from a paragraph, to a chapter, to its final 500 pages. I'd sit during breakfast and listen as my hubby shared with me what he'd so far come up with. Though I've see this novel in it's various stages once he was done I was compelled to see how the story would flow. I have to admit I'm a fan of his writing. His style is unique and it draws such a clear picture, knowing Latif's background it's kind of scary how accurate his descriptions can be. When Latif finished writing the book he took a day and gave it one last read through wanting to spot any typos before the readers did. After all the writing, editing, and talking about the book he saved it in his computer and didn't mention it again. I assumed he was clearing his mind before moving forward...that wasn't it. He basically abandoned the whole project, something I'd never seen him do. When Latif starts something he always finishes it. So I brought it up to him he said "I did finish, I'm just not going to publish it. I asked him why? He said he didn't think it was good enough and didn't feel anyone would want to read it. After going back and forth with him for a few days, I finally convinced him to give it a shot. Freestyle4Life!!!

Damian Wild (New York, NY)
This review is from: Freestyle For Life
Latif Mercado knows the world of Latin Freestyle music better than most, and he has used that insider knowledge to craft a fascinating story that grabs you from the first sentence and doesn't let you go until the last page is done. You don't have to be a fan of the Freestyle genre of music to appreciate this novel, as the world of Freestyle is only a backdrop to the timeless story told through the eyes of the main character Solo Cortez. As a writer, Mercado is very impressive - his ability to tell a story and make you feel as if you actually know and can identify with these characters is something that many writers never master. His writing style is so descriptive and visual that the characters really jump off the page - I really felt for these people as if I had known them my whole life. If this is an example of what his very first novel is like, I can't wait to get my hands on the next one!

Alejandro"DJ Lex Loco" Rivera
This review is from: Freestyle For Life
I really enjoyed the story thru this whole book... it not only made me feel like I was right there going thru everything that Solo (the main character of the story) was going thru, but was well written to the point that I could trully embody what he was feeling at different times of the story. At first I was thinking that this was just a documentary of some kind following a Freestyle artist to stardom, but it became very real and very serious to relate to the types of people in life and the trials and the obstacles to someones goals in life as it was for Solo.. job well done.

This review is from: Freestyle For Life
Freestyle for Life is a must-read! I was hooked from the first line and could not wait to see what happened next. There were unexpected twists and turns and many LOL moments. It was easy to relate to all of the characters on some level, my favorite being Yolanda for being an educated, yet street-smart, strong-minded and sassy Latina heroine. Latif's great writing skills, character development and story-telling techniques allowed me to visualize the characters and situations like a movie playing out in my mind (ever thought of making it a movie, Latif?). Congratulations on a great novel and looking forward to many more!

This review is from: Freestyle For Life
Latif Mercado has made a very impressive debut with this book. I originally heard of this book from rave reviews by a few well known Freestyle artists. Being a true fan of Freestyle, watching it grow from its infancy in the streets of Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx to a world wide phenomenon that still has a cult following to this day, I was very excited to see what this book was all about. First I have to say that Latif is a great writer who truly knows how to set up a scene, set a tone, and build characters. Like all great writers he knows how to draw the reader into the story and empathize with the main character. Although this is a book about freestyle music with a few tweaks the author could have made this about Salsa music, Hip-Hop music,or something else. Meaning this is more about an new artist struggling to break through into the music business and share his gift with others. its's the struggle all artists have to face, trying to balance their art form and their "real life". The main character Solo Cortez is so well written is that I found myself becoming him during his triumphs and feeling like a helpless brother or best friend during the tough times. I found myself breezing through this book at an alarming pace rushing through to the ending then craving for more. You don't have to be a fan of freestyle or the music genre at all to enjoy this book. If you're a fan of strong, well written character based stories then you won't be let down. I can't wait so see what Latif Mercado bring us next. I for one have become a huge fan and plan to buy the paperback when it comes out as well as his next novel.

John Torres
This review is from: Freestyle For Life
It's so great that Latif chose to base his first novel with Freestyle music at its core. Although one doesn't have to be a fan of Freestyle to enjoy this book, it will sure please Freestyle fans as we know firsthand the memories that Freestyle brings. One feels for the realistic characters from the beginning of the story and I found myself rooting for Solo (the lead character). Not to give away any spoilers, but Solo is a Freestyle music artist who ends up going through stuff during an important event in his music career and he tries to overcome many hurdles to get his career back on track. He then has to deal with all of the backlash, personally and professionally, that comes along after everything he went through. The writing in this novel is fast paced, detailed and filled with emotion. It's a book about dreams and survival and how jealousy can lead to betrayal. This is a great read and comes highly recommended!! Congrats to Latif on a great book!! I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to another novel with a Freestyle setting!!

Freddy Segarra (Yonkers, New york United States)
This review is from: Freestyle For Life
As everyone, I also enjoyed this novel very much! This novel really brings the reader on a journey with the main character Solo Cortez. He goes through so much and yet his passion for his music and its genre never leaves him or his heart. The reader feels like they are living the story throughout the pages of this book and that's due to the descriptive nature of the writing. The author Latif Mercado does a great job in giving his readers the feeling that we are Solo and we're telling this story. It's like we're right there living Solo's successes as well as his hardships. Freestyle music has always been a genre that's been overlooked by the mainstream and it's great that Latif is bringing new life to this genre. Freestyle music has always been about a passion for life, love and dreams and that's what this story entails. A great book by a great writer!! P.S. You don't have to be into Freestyle music to enjoy this book. Looking forward to the next one!
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Angelina Gomez angelina gomez. The core to this book is Solo. What a wonderfull person Latif is. His book tells you all about this mans HEART. God bless you Latif and may he be with you all the time

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