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Shattered Dreams by Ellie James
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Jul 17, 11

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Read from July 13 to 17, 2011

I received this book free from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

"A young psychic discovers the truth behind the terrifying visions she can neither predict nor halt in this fabulous start to the Midnight Dragonfly series."

16-year old Trinity's life has been turned upside down by the death of her grandmother, who was raising her following the deaths of her mother and father when she was just a little girl. Her grandmother moved her to Colorado from New Orleans at that time under suspicious circumstances, and in essence, isolated them in the mountains. When Trinity moves to New Orleans to live with her Aunt Sara, her father's sister, everything is different: a new school, new friends, a whole new life. The one thing that stays the same is her visions. Her grandmother always told her not to talk about them, to anyone, so at first Trinity tries to hide them, but the longer she's in New Orleans, the more they draw her into a mystery involving a girl at her high school who goes missing, the night after she pulls a very nasty prank on Trinity. To make matters worse, and make her look even more suspect in the eyes of the police, she is drawn to Chase, Jessica's ex-boyfriend. Once her visions get too be too much, and too scary for her to ignore, she goes to the police with what she has seen. This, of course, makes the police suspect her.

This is a mystery, that's for certain, but more important, I think, is Trinity's search to find her parents and where she fits into the world around her. Everyone she sees is so normal to her, while she is a cowering mass of nerves who just wants to run and hide and pretend everything is fine. That doesn't work so well after a while, so we get to see her stand up and take charge of her own life, and find the connection she feels with her mother.

I did like this book, but I had a few small problems. First, this book could have been shorter because a lot of it was unnecessary twists and turns that instead of being full of suspense just confused the story more often than not. The reader would be taken here and there with information that was totally irrelevant. I wouldn't have mattered so much if the information had propelled the story along, but it didn't. It was just sort of there, not doing much but interrupting the flow of the story. I'm always afraid of giving too much away in a review, so I can't really be specific, but you would be in the middle of a tense scene, and then all of a sudden you were being told a story that had absolutely nothing to do with anything, and then when you were nice and out of the scene, they threw you back in right where you left. This did not add anything to the story, but it definitely broke the flow for me quite a few times.

One other point is that I really didn't think Trinity and Chase acted or talked like normal 16 year olds half the time. With all the meaningful pauses, and deep, catching breaths, and feeling the riffs of each other's hearts in their chests, it just didn't ring true. Half the words out of Trinity's mouth were broken by pauses and breaths, and it just got annoying.

All that being said, I did like the basic story. It was suspenseful, creepy at times, and did have some good twists and turns. I just think it could have been better, and that's why I had to give it a 3 out of 5. I am going to read the second book, because I think if they stick with what worked in the story, the next book could be very good indeed, and I am looking forward to reading it.

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