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Past Midnight by Jasmine Haynes
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Jun 29, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: 2011, erotica
Read on June 30, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This book will put you through the wringer when you are reading it.

Erin and Dominic are a year past every parent's worst nightmare, their child dying. Their lives seem to be stalled, they can't talk to each other except when at work at the company they own. At home there is lots of silence and guilt on both their parts.

Dominic is reaching is breaking point, he lives for the times that Erin reaches for him in bed, sex being their only connection anymore. But the sex is cold, they don't talk it is only the mechanics of the act itself. Needing more Dominic ends up bullying Erin to go to a convention that is a big deal for their business.

Things start to change at the convention, the sex is no longer silent and the connection they have leading up with the extended foreplay and during makes it seem like before and even for some time after, it is like they have a time out from their real lives.

When they get back home they both crave those encounters again and they start to have a sexual battle. At first it is done in a way to comfort them both and is fun, however after one encounter it turns and things get ugly.

It is at this lowest, ugly point that Dominic can't take it any more and starts to talk about their son. During the talk you can just hear the begging note in his tone, he wants to acknowledge his son, not forget him, he wants forgiveness for what he perceives is his fault in his death. Erin just can't deal with the death and shuts down. You can hear the breaks in their already fractured relationship.

All the while their personal lives are in turmoil their business is in trouble from a competitor. Slow steps happen where things come to a head after their ugly encounter and you think this is it for them both personally and professionally.

In a gut reaction Dominic makes a choice and drags Erin with him. It is here that things become do or die for them. They find out where their business troubles come from, discover just why they love each other, and are able to finally talk about their son.

While this book is filled with a lot of hot sex, it will be the relationship between Dominic and Erin that will have you flipping the pages faster and faster hoping they can work things out. I would highly recommend having a box of Kleenex by your side when reading, you will need it!
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