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I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It by Adam Selzer
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Sep 03, 14

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Read in June, 2011

I saw this as I was cataloging books at the library, and it was an intriguing title, so I looked at the summary on the cover. And the summary hinted that there would be lots of fun poked at the Twilight-style vampires, so I just had to look inside. And Alley's voice and the premise--vampires and zombies "come out of the coffin" (snort) and hang around high school to pick up girls--intrigued me. So I ignored the gazillion wholesome, soul-nourishing books I was reading at the moment, cataloged it, vandalized it, which is what I call stamping "(Insert Name) Public Library" all over it, and checked it out.

It was a quick, one-sitting, lighthearted read. Alley is sharp and snarky and even as she falls hopelessly in love a voice in the back of her head notes the ludicrousness of the situation. The book never takes itself too seriously--actually, never takes itself seriously at all--but there are a few sly, astute observations. There is a lot of making fun of Twilight vampires. And page 97--the book was worth reading just for that. Hilarious.

Language is decent, so low-key that even I wasn't offended. Several references to making out and sex, but not over the top, handled. And Alley herself doesn't drink or do drugs. Violence--there are a couple of zombie attacks but the descriptions are almost cartoonish in nature.

Overall, fun, inoffensive, only 150 pages, and a good chance to have a hearty laugh at Twihard fantasies. Recommended for when you need to read something but don't have time to commit to a more intense novel.
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