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The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges
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An enchanting start in a trilogy of the Russian royalty and the supernatural, The Gathering Storm, was intriguing and spell-binding. I could put it down! Combining the whole political problems with some major disturbing vampire clans, Robin Bridges creates a story of a necromancer with no one but herself to believe in and trust.

As you should have noticed, I enjoyed The Gathering Storm. It was a unique and intricately written. My big complaint was the flow of the story. The story went smoothly, yes it did. But there were some mysteries uncovered that were never explained thoroughly. Usually, that made sense. After all, many mystery stories do not uncover things until the last ten pages of the story. That I understood. But this just made no sense whatsoever. The mysteries did not just make the story more intriguing, it dictated the next OMG! moments that would happen a chapter later. Because I had no idea what in the world was going on, I was lost for a long period of time while reading The Gathering Storm.

Also, the romance in The Gathering Storm is pretty much nonexistent. It was hinted in the blurb that there would be romance. But sadly, if there was, I read the book upside-down. The love triangle was not even a love triangle. Not like I really cared, but the (somewhat a spoiler?) last scene with one of the guys mentioned in the blurb was a big shocker to me. I never saw any real romance blossoming between the two, then bam! It appears... That annoyed me.
Other than those two complaints, I really enjoyed The Gathering Storm. The original and amazing beginning of The Katerina Trilogy, The Gathering Storm was a fascinating look on Russian royalty.

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