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Red Glove by Holly Black
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Has there ever been a series where its sequel is better than the original book? Yes, there is now! Red Glove by Holly Black is better than White Cat in several aspects.

Red Glove has which White Cat does not;

1. Cassel freaking out at his family

2. Murder

3. Mystery (hardcore mystery that is)

4. An awkward romance for Cassel

These are the things I like more about Red Glove compared to White Cat.

But here are the things I really like about Red Glove

- The Cover- Yeah, it may be a little creepy. But it totally shows everything that is going on in the book. Lila is alive, some murderer wearing a red glove and blood..............

- Cassel Sharpe- There probably has not been a male protagonist I have loved more than Cassel. He's sarcastic and he is not too good of a person like Percy Jackson is. He gambles and he takes chances.

- FBI- I love it when the FBI get into anything. Including, books. The FBI are not the coolest people in the world, but they do work hard. Besides, they always work on cases that are really worth it. Like the KKK.

- Cassel's Mom- There was more spotlight time on Cassel's mom. Cassel mom is hilarious and awkward. I love her relationship with Cassel, including Cassel's exasperation and embarrassment with her. She is crazy.

I love this book so much.................. I would give it a 10 stars, but GoodReads only goes to 5 stars, sigh.............

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