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Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis
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Jun 29, 2011

really liked it
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2009 book review
well, i’m gonna cheat and post my reply before i’m all the way through this book. but i’m finished with the last pathway, and so i only have the conclusion left. anyway, this book was definately an eye opener. i’m not really much into self help books, and i’m very skeptical of them, including this one. but, i have been sick a lot the last couple of years, so i thought i’d read it with an open mind and try out some of the suggestions. there is so much information it’s hard to process and remember everything. but the book was easy to read, accessible and not too technical or detailed. i found that it was easy reading, but it dragged and took me a long time to finish.

the thing is, it is insanely expensive to do everything listed in the book, and you’d pretty much have to be a millionaire to do everything. but i figured i’d do the things i could afford. such as the food combining and eating more organic foods. i was quite disappointed to find out how much i was eating that was bad for me. anyway, it’s not that hard with the food combinations (plus, it’s free!) and i am def. going to cut out as much as possible the Big Four (white sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils, and milk). i will not be cutting out all dairy products, but may cut down on them. i dont really think i can eat all that raw food, but i like salad and such. also, i find it hard to give up things like dried fruit, etc, when i’ve already given up the more obviously bad snacks (you know, the ones that taste really good :)

however, right now i’m on vacation and decided it would be too hard to stick to all these restrictions, so i am not doing the things i should. i even ate brownies and ice cream one night, and found that it wasnt all that exciting--i still like it, but it isnt something i cant live without. plus, i still eat chocolate (organic dark chocolate--which is amazing anyway, so i dont feel that bad since i’m not giving up chocolate.) anyway, i like reading about all the pathways, but i dont think i’ll ever stop wearing makeup or using lotion, tho i may use healthier stuff. i just cant bring myself to throw away all the stuff i have already since i dont have a job and all, and it seems wrong somehow to throw all this expensive stuff away. may change from using it once it’s gone, but that may take a while. i did buy some "organic" mascara, only to find out that only 14% of the ingredients are organic, so it seems to be kind of a sham.

basically i liked the book and found it interesting and discouraging, but i’m willing to try out the suggestions and see if it makes a difference. i rate the book 3.5 out of 5 stars, and i’d recommend it to anyone interested in health

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