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Marrying Daisy Bellamy by Susan Wiggs
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Jun 29, 11

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Read on June 28, 2011

Thanks to my Kindle, I breezed through most the Lakeshore Chronicles in the space of a few weeks, most of them on my vacation last week. I fell in love with Avalon, the people living there and the way Susan Wiggs portrayed them.

Marrying Daisy Bellamy was a difficult read for me, due to the subject matter. Because, like Daisy, the love of MY life is overseas right now, giving his all for the good of his country. In her struggles to find with Julian always at a distance, I was reminded of myself as a young college student fighting the insecurities which came from having a boyfriend (and later fiance) in the Navy. And when the tragic news came, I almost stopped reading, for the tears in my eyes weren't just for Daisy and Julian, at that point.

I guess that is a huge credit to Ms. Wiggs, because not only did she evoke that much emotion in me to begin with, her story was compelling enough for me to wipe away the tears and keep reading... and keep hoping for the happy ending.

Which, by the way, I knew in my heart was not with Logan O'Donnell. Though a good father, Logan always felt wrong for Daisy. He has felt too bossy, too opinionated, and too much focused on what *he* wanted out of life. I give him huge props for standing up as Charlie's father, but being someone's biological father does not give you the exclusive right to the mother. Logan wanted that exclusive right. He wanted Daisy to marry him and be a ready-made family, regardless of the fact that they had never really dated, barely knew each other, and didn't seem to have anything really in common. Throughout the course of this book, Logan did his best to put down everything Daisy wanted: a dog for Charlie, submitting her photos to the MoMa, etc. He didn't care about her opinions or her dreams.

Watching them get together, I was screaming inside because I knew it was all wrong for both of them. The only thing that kept me reading forward was the fact that it happened way to early in the book to be the ending. Something had to happen, I knew, something to save Daisy from being with the wrong man. I apologize to any Logan fans out there, but he really, really was the wrong man for her.

More importantly, reading the scenes with Julian and knowing that he was fighting to come home alive, for Daisy, made the stuff happening in Avalon all that much harder to read.

I really loved the fact that both Daisy and Logan were starting to realize the disaster that was their marriage before Julian's return. And while I would have loved for her to have fallen into his arms at first sight, I'm glad that she didn't. They both needed time... her to get her divorce and make life stable for Charlie and Julian to re-acclimate to life and deal with any traumas and stress he might have had. As a Navy wife, I know that too many our of service men suffer from PTS and too many of them don't get treatment. So many relationships and families are destroyed each year because of this very real problem and it felt good to see it being treated realistically in this book.

I really do wish Daisy and Julian the best in their (fictional) marriage and I hope that someday, Ms. Wiggs will let us visit with them again. I'd love to know how it all turned out for them.
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