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Hunt Through the Cradle of Fear by Gabriel Hunt
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Jun 29, 2011

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Hunt Through The Cradle Of Fear, the second book in the action adventure series, brings back hero Gabriel Hunt in another dangerous quest. Author and creator Charles Ardai takes a more traditional approach to the writing than in the first book, which was penned by novelist James Reasoner. While Ardai attempted to give us more details with this outing, I felt he ended up slowing down the fast pace that was set up in the first book. Although there were more action scenes in the first book, The Cradle Of Fear is still a swift and fun ride.

I did have some other problems with this book. Suspension of disbelief is one thing, but villains racing in vehicles chasing and firing guns as our hero races away on a camel in the wide open desert was stretching it, even for me (the sustained running speed of a camel is 25 MPH). The description of some of the action was also confusing at times and I had to reread passages to understand what exactly was happening with the characters and their proximity to each other. That didn't happen often and most of the time it was smooth sailing with some very enjoyable moments. But in the end, I just was not into this story as much as the first book. However, there was definitely enough action and clever reveals here for me to want to journey with Gabriel Hunt again, especially with the writers that are lined up to take over this character.

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