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Jun 29, 2011

(Review from the author)

The story of TO YOUR OWN SELF BE TRUE centers on the life of Kaela Ladd, whose father taught her to think first with reason, as he taught her younger sister, Lainey. He told his daughters to question everything, explaining that nothinf can be learned, if they close their eyes. Lainey had no troubles accepting what others believe, but Kaela became almost obsessed about the absurdities advanced by others.

As she grew up, Kaela’s talent in mathamatics led her to the study of physics. Forever in her books, she fosters just a few friendships at school, but even then never felt that she really fit in. There were a handful of disasterous dates. Two factors always got in the way. The first was that she prefferred to be alone rather than suffer through small talk. The second was being self conscious about the quirks she realized she had.

Then Kaela’s father shares a secret with her about an extraordinary event that changed his very existence some fifteen years earlier. The most reasonable man she had ever known told her the most extraordinary thing she’d ever heard. At the very least, she was certain her father believed it was true.

It is the year 2021, Kaela is twenty-three years old, and after her internship in physics she’s offered a position at SciLab, a preeminent science facility not far from where she grew up. The job was too desirable to turn down, and she could continue her doctorate in evening sessions. She’s successful, but like the rest of us, she struggles to discover what really makes us happy.

She was taught many lessons in moral principles growing up, but it is rare that the most profound of them would be put to the test. A convergence of events gives her father the opportunity to teach her one of the greatest lessons of all.

To Your Own Self Be True is an existential story of a woman who looks at life from a different perspective than most. She challenges us to think of a world where people of reason are given a chance to influence the course of history as much as those of faith.

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