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Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert
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Mar 08, 2016

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Dune is probably my favorite book. I have a habit of reading it every two years or so, as I find it to be endlessly diverting. I mean, there's space travel, political intrigue, wisdom cults, loyalty, treason, and all the swagger and swashbuckling fight scenes that one would expect in such a setting. While there may not be dragons, there are worms of another sort - giant, deadly desert worms that cause seismic activity as they approach and have teeth that become the blades of sharp knives wielded by fierce desert warriors; such weapons cannot be sheathed again until they have been bloodied. Then there's the Spice, Melange, a commodity that drives the entire power structure from within and without. This substance prolongs life, imbues its addicts with prescient abilities, and necessarily demands a high price in trade, thus enriching the entity that controls its production and distribution.

It would seem such rich material would yield equally enchanting sequels, yet I have not found this to be the case. Nevertheless, I feel as if I should, at least once, read all of the books Frank Herbert published in pursuit of this story. As a book, Dune Messiah is decent, even if it barely lives up to be the ghost of the shadow of the excellence of its predecessor. It suffers from being too self-conscious, especially since the oracular visions of various characters are a primary focus rather than an interesting element that drives the plot. There are times that everything seems so thoroughly destined, I expect Calvin himself would be begging for a little less predetermination. I might go on to Children of Dune, eventually. Or I might just accept that the real magic still lies in Dune and continue in a somewhat predestined manner to re-re-re-read that one instead of its many sequels.


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