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Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn
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Jun 28, 11

Read in May, 2011

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed my first Mitch Rapp thriller, Act of Treason back in last December. Since that time I’ve read four more of the series (all published before my first), and I have grown less and less into the character of Mitch Rapp, who is the vigilante of the US counterterrorism effort in the books.

Mitch, having had dozens of near-death experiences in service to the country, and having faced terrorists and professional killers from all around the world, has no patience for bureaucracy, laws or other people, and instead flies about torturing to get information and killing to punish evil-doing. He especially dislikes those namby-pamby Americans who think that due process is an important part of the justice system. Mitch would like to put all such people in a city and let terrorists nuke them just to prove that due process doesn’t work and the only appropriate response to killings is more killing.

Therein lies my problem with Mitch: I am one of those people he hates, and I read about his distain for me and for my principles every few chapters. Now, some well-written books can make you feel like rooting for even the nastiest of sociopaths (like The Talented Mr. Ripley ), while making it clear that they are awful people and your interest in their well-being is almost entirely due to the fact that the story is told from their point of view. Mitch Rapp, being a US counterterrorist agent, is assumed to be morally in the right, even when he is running around shooting people in the head. I understand the efficiency of killing people instead of putting them on trial, but when it’s lauded as the only solution, I feel kind of queasy.

The book is a fine action book. And at least the end of the book shows some questioning of revenge killing. But I’m going to take a healthy break now from Mitch Rapp so I don’t get as used to shooting people in the head as he has.

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Matt If this was your first Mitch Rapp thriller, I would highly recommend starting at the beginning of Flynn's series and going from there! Excellent, excellent, excellent! I can't put them down!!!

Brett Madson Also I think you may be reading into it differently than it is being presented. It's not that he doesn't believe in all that due-process crap, if that were the case he wouldn't be fighting to defend it. He just understands that it doesn't work against the terrorists he is trying to fight. He understands that they are using our own system against us, so he has to do what others won't to stay a step ahead of them. Hope this helps.

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