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13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
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Aug 13, 11

bookshelves: romance, not-so-good, contemporary-romance
Read from June 28 to August 13, 2011

I've been procrastinating with this book for a few months now. The truth is that it took me so many hours of perseverance to just flip to the first page, after having read the first letter that didn't seem to make much sense to me.

I was wondering how long it would take just to figure out what kind of a character Ginny really was; was she supposed to be shy and quiet or just plain shy? The answer was a bit too obvious, and to be honest I found Ginny's character to be quite too plain--yes, people don't show their inner self so thoroughly and just like that--but in books, they should, shouldn't they? Instead, I found Ginny to be a bit too boring and put together, and her feelings were not at all explained within this book. How did she suddenly decide to like Keith? What did she truly feel throughout the wild expedition she had to fulfill for her aunt? And for God's sake, where were her friends, acquaintances, anything! I know the book was meant to be like that but it doesn't necessarily mean I like it. In fact, some times I fought the urge to just throw myself down in a drowsy heap and tell the book that it was over. But I had to finish it, boring characters or not.

That was the first problem I had to face when I was reading this book.

Along with that, there was probably the fact that I'd been searching for the gist of the story for a long, long, very long time, and just couldn't find the... essence or whatever in the plot. I was also continuously checking for how many pages there were left in my reading of this novel. I have an obsession for contemporary novels, but sorry to say, this wasn't getting anywhere. The continuous travels that Ginny had to conquer--they were seriously overrated. They seemed much too surreal, and downright annoying, that I just wanted to call on the Resurrection Stone from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just so I could call back Margaret from the dead and kill her again--sorry to sound so cruel.

There's only so much adventure a girl could have.

But the worst thing of all was probably the fact that nothing was described. Why was Richard such a vague topic? And while we're at it, the vagueness of Richard was what caused me to mistakenly consider, at the beginning of the book, that maybe he was Ginny's love interest or something. Sometimes the book would get humorous, but it just wouldn't go over the edge, as if it were holding back on something. Every time it was nearing the edge, it would pull back, which would lead to the reader--me--huffing in exasperation and a wild act of hair-removal following right after.

I'm pissed off at this book--clearly I spent too much of my time wasting it on deciding whether or not to just open the next page or give it up altogether. (I picked the first option. Sad.)

1.7 stars in my opinion would be very fitting for this... thing.

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