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Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon
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Dec 04, 13

Vain. Vain. Vain.

Seriously, does character depth not exist in teen books anymore?

For one, I hated how the author kept starting with the word "Startled" and other words, such as:

"Slowly, I..."
"Confused, I..."
"Later, I..."
"Startled, I ..."

Then you have Dante Berlin. He's described as a God. So what the hell is Renee doing with him if she's an "average girl"? The words used to describe him made me want to vomit. Get real, Woon, no one looks like that. She didn't even describe ONE flaw to him (outside or inside), and it made me laugh that Renee said something like, "And I liked him for all his flaws - it made him that much more real." Something like that. I stared at the page for a few seconds, blinking, thinking, "What flaws? Has a page been ripped out of my book?" But when I checked the page numbers they were all there. So I sat there pondering on who the hell she was talking about, because it wasn't Renee Winters or Dante Berlin, in which she did say how they had flaws. No. She described them unrealistically. You can be sexy and hot and damn right gorgeous, but with no flaws? Sorry, but that's stupid.

The words used to describe everything made me want to punch Renee. She obsessed over Berlin and even said that if he was gone, that was the end of her life. Yeah, great message to give to teens. Nice one.

Even though I hate typing this, it was a Twilight wannabe. It was a mixture of Twilight, By Midnight and Evernight (the only one I like is Evernight).

Renee's dialogue tags were annoying. Most of the time she was blurting something. What's wrong with good old said? Hasn't she ever heard of said-bookism?

And another thing, it was overwritten. Not so much the last half of the book, but the first half was riddled with passive voice. Things that could have been reworded into less words that still conveys the same message. There were parts when I was just rewording it in my head, because all I needed to read was something so simple, yet she dragged it out and used too many words to say what she really means. Sometimes less is more.

This book was another unrealistic teen book. Sorry, but no real teen does and says half the things Renee does. Renee had NO flaws whatsoever, and I even recall her saying something like, "Why wouldn't anyone like me?"

WHAT THE HELL! You don't need to piss someone off for someone to dislike you. Ever heard of people who just naturally don't get along? I dislike someone people for no real reason and they do me. It's called having nothing in common. It's called personality clashes. You don't have to be a dickhead to someone in order to get them to hate you. What a ignorant thing for her to say. Why wouldn't anyone not like her? I was so close to throwing the book at the wall.

And it was a mission to finish this book, because I usually do, good or bad.

Why are so many of these books getting published? The mysterious, lonely, brooding, sexy guy who falls for the average teen who has nothing going for her other than her pretty looks.

Actually, none of them had anything going for them. The WHOLE relationship was built on looks. It pains me to know that young teens out there are eating this horse poop up.

Kids: there are more to relationships than looks. Unlike Renee, you can make mistakes. She didn't make one single one throughout the book, but that's because she's a Mary Sue. It's also okay to fall for someone's looks, but don't pretend that you are in love with them when you know NOTHING about them. They never even talked that much about each other's likes, dislikes and other stuff that you talk about with a partner. Granted, they did, but hardly enough to say that they fell for anything other than looks. It makes me sick.

There are other things that I could gladly chat about all day, but I think I'll go and read a real book and chat about something I love.

Avoid this book all you can. Me and the rest of the people who buy it are only fuelling the fire for these disgusting, unrealistic, Mary Sue-filled books to be published in the first place.

A real teen book would be Suzanne Collin's The Hunger Games. There the main characters had flaws. They made mistakes. Katniss had people hate her for her. Whether you disliked that book or not, you can't say that there was one Mary/Gary Sue/Stu in there, or that none of them made mistakes, or that Katniss was the average teen who either complains on every other page or lusts over a guy who she knows nothing about.
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FashionDayDreamer Eek! I just reread my own review again, and I'm kind of wishing I didn't write it straight after reading the book, because I tend to rant. I'm usually more respectful in my reviews, but maybe I was having an off day when I wrote it. I can't remember, lol. Sorry for the preachiness too. Not usually like me...(This review was orginally written in June, but I edited in October for spelling mistakes and such.)

Rebecca This review rocked.

message 3: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Diersing I'm about halfway through and my first impression, that it might have been an okay book if it wasn't so determined to be a combo of Twilight and Harry Potter, hasn't changed yet.

message 4: by Winter (new)

Winter O. Well... I am not going to read the book anymore

Noona..nick name Luma LMFAO!! Omgg your review so made my day!!! Hahahahah!!! I don't understand why I find it funny but you made me laugghh. I do disagree with some of the things you said like the thing based on looks. Yeah you're right, it was mostly on looks but i thought they were attracted to each other because Reneé had Dante's soul..O.o and it is true that the book doesn't have a good message but who's to say that twilight does? Sometimes, fantasy books are awesome to read regardless of meaning:P but you did have some awesome points;) Most of which I agree completely with:)

Tori Matthes I quiet liked the book but you're right about the rambling on in the beginning I found I was skipping to the next dialog to get back to the story but the story itself was great, well too me atleast

Megi I totally agree with you! More and more YA authors nowdays write souless, predictable and plain. WE WANT GOOD BOOKS BACK, not something that book publishing think I would be quick money..Some people can talk trash about twilight but that series had a soul and most books now written don't. Praise to exceptions

message 8: by Tnjq (new)

Tnjq very direct.

Jennifer Whitehead Bravo. I enjoyed your review.

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