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Fool's Fate by Robin Hobb
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Mar 18, 2008

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** spoiler alert ** For me, the love of a book comes from the sum of it's parts. Had it not been for the ending in this final chapter of the Farseer world...I would have given Fool's Fate five stars. However, I was sorely disappointed (possibly depressed) with how the story closed between Fitz and Beloved.

R. Hobb has an extraordinary gift for emotionally engaging readers into this beautiful, complicated world she has envisioned. This, perhaps...is why I find the ending so unforgivable. Had she not made the relationship between Fitz and the Fool so powerful and moving - I might have been less horrified to see him cast aside so frivolously. The final chapters with Molly felt empty and dull in comparison. Her character seemed petty.

Ironically, this has still been one of my favorite fantasy adventures....though I sincerely hope she changes her mind about not continuing the story. I would normally cringe at a series that lasts beyond 3-4 books...but this would be the rare exception. Too much was left incomplete.
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Theshrewedshrew I liked the series... ish.

I can't stand the idea that a man who gets broken time and time again for a kingdom manages to get nothing. Sure he got his wife. But had he not had that skill command by Verity he might have had that then. Sure Verity would have failed and all. But this book was a complete disappointment.

It ended like half way through the book then it tried to rap up the relationships and characters in the last half. The problem for me is the wrapping up made more problems for me.

Miri I couldn't agree more.

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE AND LOVE the Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies, but...

I did not like Molly's character from the beginning. Something was missing there, she wasn't engaging enough and simply failed to find a way to my heart.

I was so disappointed with the ending. Not to mention devastated and heart broken. I still cannot understand why Hobb chose to make such an unfair departure between my dear dear Fits and my Beloved Fool. It's not that I expected "happily ever after", but why did they have to depart with the Fool believing Fitz dead? What purpose did that serve? None at all! I felt she owed the Fool at least the knowledge that he did not break his bond with Fits for nothing, but that Fitz did manage to find his happiness and peace. It felt unfair and unnecessary. I can only wish Hobb would catch up with the Fool sometime (hey, he's supposed to live a long life, right?), and somewhere between the lines let us know that he knew.
Then I will be content.

Robert Does anyone know what that being really was in the Skill-stream? The one that saved Dutiful and Fitz from being swept away, and then later Fitz, when he was stuck in limbo between the Skill-pillars.

I'm not sure if there's an explanation, but maybe I just missed it.

Theshrewedshrew You know I don't remember. I can see what your talking about, but I honestly can't remember. lol. And I am dying to know now, but refuse to reread the books.

Miri It was the dragon Tintaglia. If you haven't read the Live Ship Traders trilogy yet I strongly recommend that you do. It'll shed some light on the subject... The Rain Wild chronicles touch on Tintaglia as well.

Theshrewedshrew I thought it may have been that dragon, but I also wondered if it was consciousnesses of dragons stuck in the streams. From old age, and cheating death. But I couldn't remember.

Kerry I think the voice was not one the living dragons. It was described as loving, motherly and nurturing... none of which can be said of Tintaglia towards humans. I would put my bet on an Elderling or Dragon that went into the skill river a long time past.

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