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An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter by César Aira
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Short,sweet, very interesting. Reads a lot like 2666 but with more forward momentum. Well-crafted, starts out dry but picks up steam very fast. An interesting look at the creative process, and the self-destruction of the artist, something sometimes necessary seemingly. It also was strongly evocative of Don Quixote, especially with the ever-more battered, hallucinatory leader and the dumber (here, less talented) but worldwise sidekick. And, its not stated,but the image on the cover is from the real person, so I wonder how much is this fiction and how much isbased on truth? I'll look it up, but if it did largely happen, then I'll lump him with Werner Herzog, who blends fiction into his documentaries and documentaries into his fiction, making the words gain some porousness in their delineation.

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