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Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen
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Jun 27, 11

really liked it
Read on June 27, 2011

I was rearing to read about ass-kicking couples a few days back and this book called out to me. Not only does it have romance at its heart, which I couldn't obviously seem to live without, it also has some targetted violence and that makes one interesting combination!

Reading Married with Zombies was such a breeze. I loved the characters. David and Sarah are as real as can be, and they are the type of characters that you, as a reader, immediately feel comfortable with. Their married life can be seen in many others and their problems are real-life. But they are nonetheless a phenomenal couple! They are both hilarious and fun characters and once can deduce that despite their differences, they married each other for a reason and that reason is very much alive.

While I'm tempted to say that the action part of the book is unexciting, that isn't entirely accurate. Yes, the action is toned down, but I'm glad it's not one of those books with too lengthy and wordy a sequence that's almost hard to follow. In Married with Zombies, action is light but it isn't detrimental to one's imagination. What is most important I felt was that the book translated the couple's isolation as humans in the field of zombies as well as the excitement and thrill that goes with their attempts of escape. Besides, it also fits the humorous tone of the book, which by the way is another of charms.

Secondary characters aren't hugely important in this book, apart from being foils, perhaps. It's really David and Sarah that matters most and they are such fabulous characters. It's easy to hitchhike in their adventures and I am looking forward to more from this couple! I do hope it's a lengthy series, for I don't think I'll get bored with these two.


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