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The Wonderful Farm by Marcel Aymé
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Jun 27, 2011

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Because I'm mature and it's best to act mature when reviewing literature written for children, I won't say anything about the second story here.

I also won't admit to giggling I read this line nor make any comments about the the maturity of French children (nor wonder at what age it is appropriate here in America to decide to worth of a cock based on it's size alone).

"Who does he think he is?" she said to her sister. "Just a little cock who doesn't matter to anyone!"

And I also won't say anything about what kind of little girl talks about the advantages of a big cock versus a little one.

"You can say what you like, cock, but it's a great advantage to be big."
"It may be useful at times," said the cock, "but you must admit there's nothing handsome about it..."

Instead I'll share these two delightful pictures of foxes from the same story!

This fox doesn't just want to eat a little black cock, he wants to use the little black cock to lure all of the other chicks and cocks in the farm into the woods so he can eat them all at his leisure.

And this is what happens when little girls foil the plans of foxes. The foxes get angry!!

Sadly, the foxes had just eaten a lot of chickens so they were feeling sluggish and the little Darger-esque girls were able to escape to safety.

The author for these children stories about a farm where all the animals can talk, is mentioned in A Novel Bookstore as being an author of 'good' books. I don't think his children books were mentioned, and I actually didn't realize this was going to be a book for children until after I placed my request on the library website. Since it's by one of the authors mentioned in the book though it gets to live on the bookshelf!

I do have one of his 'adult' books to read, and I'm hoping that isn't nearly as racy as his children's work. I don't think I could take reading a whole novel about cocks, no matter what their color or size is.
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message 1: by karen (new)

karen those foxes are humongous!!

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle And that is a huge cock!

message 3: by Kelly (new)

Kelly I don't think I could take reading a whole novel about cocks, no matter what their color or size is.

You must not be a Roth fan, then. :)

(Also, I am so not mature. This review made me giggle.)

message 4: by Ma (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ma Boy did this one got lost in translation! It is absolutely impossible to have such a double entendre in the original french version. It's not the French that are racy, it's their translators!! hehe

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