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Jun 27, 2011

really liked it
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Read from June 24 to 27, 2011

When I hear this song ( one of the things I think of is Chuck Palahniuk.

I lied. I actually never heard this song until about four minutes before typing the previous sentence. For the sake of accuracy, when I heard the Elf Power cover of the song, which until about five minutes ago I didn't even realize was a cover, but which I should have assumed since the whole album it is one is made up of cover songs. I wanted to share the Elf Power version, but this this particular version by The Frogs (who did the song originally) is really fucking good. Like Jeff Buckley "Hallelujah" or "I Know it's Over" good, but different because those are good covers and this is the original, which I didn't know was the original until just now. There is another version that is more 'rocking' and produced by Corgan (billy?) and it's not really that good, it's ok, but the Elf Power version is better than the Corgan produced EP version.

While I was going to the bathroom prior to looking for the above mentioned song I was thinking I should write a review for this book (actually I thought that while walking to the bathroom, while actually going to the bathroom I thought what follows) and that it's been almost eleven years to the day (ten years and 11 months to be more exact, it's a commitment to extreme honesty in the minutiae that got me to be the third most popular reviewer on, people love the details (or just don't really love anything about my reviews but they are appealing enough to enough people and I write enough of them that viola! I come off looking better in the numbers than I really am, but seriously isn't my neurotic attempts at truthfully recording all the details of my review writing process more interesting than reading another long winded blah blah blah fest about chess? (like my recent blah blah blah ramblings about fighting are much of an improvement), anyway back to the review where I just gave an amount of time, and I'm sure you are waiting anxiously to find out what it's been eleven years (or ten years and 11 months) since....) since I read a Chuck Palahniuk book that I could say I really enjoyed.

Did you actually click the link above to listen to the song? If you didn't go click it now. This is the link:, there is no excuse not to do it, it's a great fucking song and if you're deaf than guess what you don't get to hear a great fucking song, but most likely this isn't the first great fucking song you didn't get to hear in your life, but since I'm a sensitive person I'll let you know that you can read the lyrics here: If you are recently deaf then you can imagine the words with just a couple of guitar chords being strummed behind them. If you've been deaf your whole life, well I don't know what to say. Sorry? (And can you fucking believe that the band that did that song also did this one? (this song you should listen to, too. It's a funny and gay song in that very Big Black-esque Chicago sludge 90's style).

I hope you have taken my advice and listened to the first song I asked you to listen to while reading this review. It will save me from having to make too many more asides, and believe me I'll know if you are cheating and I will hold up the review again until I think everyone is doing what is expected of them.

Anyway, back to the review, but wait, remember the last time I wrote a review for a Chuck Palahniuk book and I got myself and a bunch of other people all blocked by that pretentious weiny with the stupid 90's hair? That was fun. Yes? The book wasn't any good, but having a girl fight the battle for that twit and then have him block everyone that was fun. Ah, the good times of book reviewing social networking websites. I just thought that this song by Elf Power reminds me him,

Oh, you can read that review here:

And, no I'm not trying to get more votes.

Before Rant the last book by Chuck Palahniuk I enjoyed was Survivor. I don't think this one is as good as Survivor, but I'm an older if not more mature reader now than I was then. But I was also more pretentious then, sort of more like that guy from the other review, but I don't think I was ever a walking backside orifice like I imagine him to be in real life.

I hope that you have actually gone and listened to those songs by now. I'm working on the honor system for a bit here.

At one point in Rant I groaned to myself because I was afraid that Chuck Palahniuk was becoming too much like Chuck Palahniuk, like a caricature of himself, sort of like what he was throughout most of Tell-All and in the majority of those other books of his that weren't Fight Club or Survivor, but which actually could have been Fight Club or Survivor but to me at least, his schtick wasn't feeling like a schtick yet. When I first had this thought while reading Rant this song:, started playing in my head. You don't need to listen to this song if you don't want, it's only a Mudhoney song, and if you've heard one Mudhoney song you've sort of heard them all. Sort of the way I've felt about Chuck P for most of his middle to recent novels.

But not this book. I liked this one. There was some kind of humanity to this one even in the disgustingness of disease and a town where used condoms and tampons dangle from trees and people drive around in wedding dresses looking to get into car accidents there was something that felt real and not just weird for weirds sake in this strange and increasingly convoluted novel.

Yeah! So that last paragraph and a sentence or two in maybe three of the paragraphs prior to that one is my review. I hope you enjoyed it.

P.S. I just noticed that I started this book exactly one year after I finished my last Chuck Palahniuk review. I didn't do that on purpose, at all! Honestly! Isn't that fucking weird? Like Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy and Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln weird?
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karen why are all your reviews lately about your bathroom??


Greg What did you call me?

message 3: by karen (new)

karen hahahh i am making my dinner now!! yes, i am aware it is after midnight.

good thing i am not a fucking mogwai!

Greg If you were one, I'd throw water on you, feed you after midnight and then let you run wild through the store attacking assholes.

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karen oh, man - lets make this dream come true

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karen i like that he wrote "viola" instead of "voila"

i like to picture him brandishing a string'ed instrument

Natalie karen wrote: "why are all your reviews lately about your bathroom??

It's a really good question.

Stephen M oh. am. gee. the comments section of your Tell-all review should be published. I got my lol's on with that!

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yeah you're right -i liked it.

message 10: by Greg (new) - rated it 4 stars

Greg See! If you had just followed the instructions in the review I wouldn't have had to nag!

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karen i was busy planning my gremlin overthrow

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Eliza T loved the song :D

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