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Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Jane Espenson
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Jun 27, 2011

really liked it
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3.5 stars. This volume is fun, but also ALL OVER THE PLACE. There are so many different plot lines and locations and while it's a much lighter volume than some in the series, it jumps around so much that it's hard to keep everything straight. I mean, here's the basic gist of what happens:
- Harmony is back! And she's a reality TV star.
- Clem is Harmony's assistant/BFF.
- Buffy and Andrew bond over Daniel Craig.
- Kennedy helps Satsu get over her undying love for Buffy by pointing out that even though they had sex, Buffy's straight.
- Tiny vampire Hello Kitty doll rip-offs try to wipe out the Slayer Army.
- Dawn goes from centaur to porcelain doll, and is being held captive by a dollmaker.
- Dawn's ex turns up, and it turns out that a thricewise is some kind of squishy demon thing with tentacles who can also look human?!?! IDEK.
- Dawn apologises to her ex and is suddenly human again.
- Faith and Giles discover that there's a town in Germany that's referred to as the Slayer Sanctuary, a place where slayers who don't want to be slayers can go. Except it's not what it seems. Obvs.
- Buffy and Andrew track down a rogue slayer who's got her own island.
- The world decides to hate slayers after seeing one attack Harmony on live television.

It's's a lot to take in.

It's fun, definitely. The art, as always, is gorgeous and the dialogue is snappy. And I loved seeing Harmony and Clem again (although I would have loved to see how those two met, given that the last we saw of Clem, he was hightailing it out of Sunnydale). I'm thrilled that we finally got an end to the "Dawn Gets Turned Into Things" storyline, and it was nice to have Faith and Giles pop up again. Plus, we find out that Buffy watches Veronica Mars, which is a spectacular piece of crossover magic for those of us over at Snark Squad.

So there's a lot of good stuff in there. But GOOD LORD, there's a lot going on here. A lot a lot. And I kind of feel like I need to take a nap to recover.

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