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Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn
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Jun 28, 11

really liked it
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Read from June 26 to 27, 2011

Whew! I'm laying on my pool float trying to find a book to read while enjoying my afternoon in the sun. I couldn't remember what it was about this book that had me downloading it to my Kindle, but I figured "what the hell" and started reading it. Holy Hell! Good thing the water in the pool was cool, cause this book was HOT!!!

Brian Ross owns a tattoo parlor, he's got tattoos and piercings that make straight laced people run for the hills. But those things only draw sheltered Candace Andrews more.

Having been home schooled and sheltered, Candace has fought for her independence from her parents. She's still under their thumb, even while living on her own, but she decides to keep moving in the right direction by awarding herself with a little tattoo for her birthday. Who better to give her that tattoo than Brian. She's secretly had a crush on him, but hasn't seen him since he and her cousin split up. But she needs this and knows he's the one she wants...for more than just the tattoo.

Brian has been trying to turn his life around. Tired of being seen as the family screw up, he's got his tattoo business running and he's left behind those things that were a bad influence on him before. When Candace comes into his shop asking him for a tattoo, all those feelings her thought were inappropriate before come rushing back. He's always had a thing for her, feeling as if she was a ray of sunshine in his dreary life.

So it's with that one little tattoo that Brian and Candace begin their journey towards happily ever after. It doesn't come easy.

Brian has a huge chip on his shoulder when it comes to his family, feeling like the consummate loser amongst all the over achievers. Despite his feelings for Candace, he just can't feel as if he's good enough or deserving enough to have someone like her. He places her up on a pedestal, figuring that's where someone as wonderful and good as she is belongs.

Candace's parents have tried to control every aspect of her life: from where she goes to school, who her friends are to who she dates. She knows they won't approve but she can't keep away from Brian. He's everything she's ever wanted. What she can't stand is to have her family issues effect Brian and his business.

Both characters have a bit of a journey to determining that what's best for each of them is the other person. Candace needs to grow up a bit and be her own person, while Brian needs to learn that he is good matter how many tattoos or piercings he has.

Story is good. The sex is HOT! Makes me wonder just what those piercings can do!

4 Cocktails

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