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Replay by Ken Grimwood
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Jun 26, 2011

really liked it
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Read from June 24 to 26, 2011

There was a period of time where I made myself think through what I wanted, realistically, and how to achieve them, ultimately. Were you one of those kids who wanted to set the world on fire and initiate changes for the better, if not for fame then for purpose? I was saddened by how scaled back my plans became once I was a bit ground down by circumstances. Then I set it all aside and half-numbly addressed day-to-day tasks.

Recently, I was in a situation where a man-boy poured his little heart out to me about the woman he hopes will love him back. They'd gone out on dates, although I ascertained that she may not have realized they were dates. Poor lamb. Since the conversation had progressed to the point where I'd become invested in his happiness and wanted this to work out for him, I grilled him about whether he was also considering her interests, if he was more attracted to her looks and common activities than her self, blabbidy blah blah, and what his goals were and whether they meshed with hers. Hey, he seemed to be relieved to unload and I was obliging. Totally not in a twss way. But, the reason I brought that up, he turned the future goals question back to me and caught me flat-footed. I don't think my stammers were a good return answer. I couldn't remember what I'd worked out before, my "realistic" goals. Too much numb trudging.

And then this book. A man dies in middle age and wakes up back in college to live his life again. He works his way through money, sex, children, nihilism, and it turns out that he keeps dying at the same time but wakes up older and older, skipping at first days then years ahead. I liked that it's not as flashy as you'd expect. He didn't suddenly figure stuff out or have circumstances that ridiculously fell into place for good or ill, no more than you can kinda reasonably expect if you had future knowledge. There was still an undercurrent of mediocrity, which made the story work for me. I think the conclusion was to love what you have. That's a message that can survive my numb days.
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Eh?Eh! I asked him if he asked her formally, or used the word "date" in any way. Come to think of it, it's difficult to use the word "date" without sounding a little off (I just now tried to word a clear, unmistakable phrase and ended up giggling each's as if the word has become too, er, dated to use). Anyway, he said it should've been obvious he's interested in her and then immediately admitted that he knows he flirts a lot so maybe she didn't realize it was non-flirty interest. I guess it happened with a "let's get something to eat" at around dinnertime.

Another thing I noticed was that he used the imperative instead of entreaty...heh, maybe this is too much parsing of his words, but I'm curious how this will turn out and what will make it so. Also, it's funny!

Eh?Eh! Females seem to get accused of requiring their minds to be read. Looks like males have the same expectation when it comes to this, sometimes.

Gerd Elizabeth wrote: "I ask because I had this happen with a guy. I really had no idea that it wasn't just friendly, we both need to eat, until much later. Oops.

Why, sounds perfectly reasonable to me. "I like her, she agrees to eat out with me - she must like me back. It's a date, yipee!"
It's not like we hide our feelings... much.

message 4: by Miriam (last edited Jul 29, 2011 08:29AM) (new) - added it

Miriam I've had the same experience, Elizabeth. One thing I really appreciated about my previous boyfriend was that he came straight out with "You're really interesting to talk to! Would you go out with me?" so there was no guessing.

Eh!, are you formulating new life goals right now? I need to do this, too!

message 5: by Esteban (new)

Esteban del Mal Balderdash! You ladies are doing it wrong! Date a man that marks his territory, why don't'cha? Criminy.

Eh?Eh! Being peed on is a automatic disqualification.

Miriam! I missed your comment! I'm sorry! Naw, general life visions, not goals, hah.

message 7: by Esteban (new)

Esteban del Mal Don't worry, Miriam. She ignores me for well nigh a year as well.

Eh?Eh! ...douchebag. You deliberately posted that in the middle of gr's (many) tantrums, didn't you. I see you, Esteban.

The Crimson Fucker Christ! What a bunch of assholes! Tell the dude to grow some balls and put it out there! Tell the chick to make me a sandwich! Tell esteban to go fuck himself!

Eh?Eh! So many dudes are ballsless! It's incredible that my balls are some of the biggest I've ever encountered.

Eh?Eh! I am impotent. But look at my balls!

The Crimson Fucker I agree! Its the size of them balls that matter! I propose a new system in goodreads! Instead of going at eachother"s throats for our differences in either literal tastes or believes... we all change our avatars to a pic of our balls! Those with the biggest balls can go "whatever, mah balls are bigger than yours! Thefore your arguments are invalid! Look at mah balls!! Look at them!! They is huge!" Boom! That way we can have a rebirth on goodreads! All hail the big balls reign! A new golden age!!!


The Crimson Fucker Also! The angry lesbians, and feminist freaks can change their profile to a pic of their tits! This its an air tight logic none can refute! A perfect circle of boobs and balls!!

Eh?Eh! You have the biggest boobs! You win!

The Crimson Fucker How would we know until all boobs and balls have been exposed? HOW I ASK YE!!!?

Eh?Eh! It is known! You post skin pics all the time! I seen them udders! Elizabeth has seen mah balls! Case closed!

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