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Lothaire (Immortals after Dark, #12: 5 Star read that doesn't fail to deliver an amazing read

General Thoughts: I love this series beyond reason. How is it that every freaking book manages to get better and better. I have no clue. Hopefully you are in the process of reading this book or reading the series because I can't help but feel like its one of the best ones out there. I never read paranormal romance until I stumbled across this series and it was the best stumble I've ever had. People think i'm so odd when i sit around squealing over a book about immortal beings , but you have to read it to understand!

Ok I finally have time to review and what better way to express my love of this book than with an Acronym!

L othaire:
He is just so sigh worthy. Unlike some people, I never had a problem with Lothaire. Yes, he popped up at the most horrid times and was an ass. However, I knew he was going to get his. I always knew that the one thing he couldn't defy was his immortal nature. When his bride came-a-callin' I figured he would get his just desserts. I really loved finding out who the true Lothaire was. In the end, he is nothing but a really sad product of his environment. Everything that concerned him was tainted with some sort of betrayal, torture, or evilness. I enjoyed his intelligence immensely and his struggle. He is just one of those characters I could honestly read about for a long time. I was always interested in what he was going to do or what he had done. He is so misunderstood. There is a part in the novel when he is talking to Nix and he simply states that he "feels old." He wanted Emily back because for once he felt young and alive. I love that moment. It was poignant and it was the moment When i fully empathized with Lothaire. Reminded me of when Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby said I'm 5 years to old to lie to myself and call it honor...

O bcession
Thats right. I'm freaking obsessed. I mean, I was already obsessed by the time I read this book. However, this one multiplied it by like a million. I'm just not a person who likes to read series for some reason but this series is my exception to everything

T ragedy:
There was a hint of tragedy that surrounded everything in this novel. Lothaire's past. Emily's present circumstances...( i shall stay ambigious on that as to not spoil it :P) The state of the Lore. It added a seriousness to the novel. What I love about these novels is that every action effects something big in the Lore, whether we know what it is or not. The tragedy surrounding Lotharie and Emily cemented the importance of all their actions.

H eroine:
OMG. Emily was freaking amazing! Kresley Cole surprised the shit out of me with this girl. She was everything you just wouldn't expect in a mate for lothaire. The best part about her was that I compltely knew the type of girl she is. I'm from Indiana, home of corn and Nascar so I felt like I knew Emily personally. It is just hilarious that Mr. sophisticated vampire lotharie is matched to this girl from Appalachia! She was so strong. Her life was hell in a handbasket but she still endeavored to fight her circumstances. she always had an ace card. I liked her better than freaking Lothaire. She was too good for him to be honesty. Plus (view spoiler)

A ction:
There was a nice amount of action in this novel. I generally knew what was going to happen in the end, however, I could never predict HOW it was going to happen. It really made this novel fun to read as well as exciting ^_^

I mprovement:
This series just keeps getting better. I know it sounds cliche but immortals after dark is very much so like wine. The world building is superb, the coupling, the actions, the plot, the suspense. Everything is so good. Each book gets better. I can hardly wait for the next one. I love seeing a writer improve with each book. It shows how much KC cares about her readers and her work.

R epartee:
The freaking banter in this novel is like no other. I love LOVE a good snide remark. The sarcasm and wit was just endless in this novel. Lothaire is such a dick! The things he said were atrocious...I laughed out loud so much. He is just my type of guy bad mouthed and sarcastic. And lovely Emily gave it right back. She didn't take any shit! I loved it. KC can write banter like no other. I could read her quotes all day!!

E roticism:
OMG OMG OMG! This book was EEEEEROTIC! I was reading this book in a class and it was damn near impossible to keep a straight face. My boyfriend kept asking me why i was blushing ( which is a feat since I have dark skin!). The sex was hot hot hot. I should know, I just got done re reading a scene for like the 100th time... hehe

Well that ends my acronoym, i don't think i will be doing that again. It took forever. LOL

Points of Concern

So this book/series did raise some things to my attention.

1. Word on the street is KC is going to be doing a YA series...Idk how i feel about that. I do know I'm not excited... Its pretty obvious who it would star (view spoiler)

2. Blood and Mist Series
I'm excited, however, I'm so invested in this lorean world already. There are so many coupling I've yet to see!! I hope those don't get put on the back burner

3. Nix...I'm worried
(view spoiler)

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Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) LOL! I was like that too : D

Karla It was fantastic! I agree...probably the BEST paranormal series I've ever read.

Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana Karla wrote: "It was fantastic! I agree...probably the BEST paranormal series I've ever read."

i so agree! its one of the only series i go crazy over every book and each one gets better! im freaked out she is starting a side series because i need need NEED this one to get finished

Karla WOW Tai, that is one awesome review. I love your style.

Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana Karla wrote: "WOW Tai, that is one awesome review. I love your style."

Awe thanks Karla!

Greta is Erikasbuddy Most awesome review!! I loved how you did it :)

I can't wait to see who the next couple is!

Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana Greta is Erikasbuddy wrote: "Most awesome review!! I loved how you did it :)

I can't wait to see who the next couple is!"

thanks Greta!

OMG I KNOW, im begging for Lanthe, and Thronos, then nix, and we know for sure that kristoff and furie will be a couple..also the series will probably end with them!

message 8: by Charlene (new)

Charlene The heroine's name is Elizabeth, not Emily.

Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana Charlene wrote: "The heroine's name is Elizabeth, not Emily."

haha k

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