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Abraham Lincoln by Seth Grahame-Smith
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Jun 30, 11

it was ok
bookshelves: dropped
Read from June 26 to 30, 2011

This is one of those that I had to drop. I got tired of Abraham Lincoln interrupting the story. The journal didn't add to the story. I'm not sure why the story simply isn't told as a time piece through the perspective of Abe. I didn't hear enough of the people in the story with Abe. I was mostly told what they said and sometimes they spoke but it really seemed like the author was avoiding writing them. I didn't believe Abe's voice. I tried but I didn't buy it. And to be honest I'm not a vampire person. I need a creepy vampire. These weren't them. These were brutal but not scary like I like them.

Aside from that the story itself is surface level. There's so much going on that it never had to be surface level. My last complaint is that the history lessons in the story were weak sauce. Bad history lessons, skipping good detailing. Somehow this story was boring. Maybe I'll pick it up after my reading list is through. In other words, after Atlas Shrugged I might give this a shot.

I'm sure it's a great read for many people, because I can see it being fun. But I felt more insulted. So there's that.

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6.0% "I'm routing for this book. It's been suggested by a few people and the reviews are generally good. The writing is nice and tidy so far but it's a little more fun than I would like. Mr. Graham could be a lot more smooth with the historical information and the narrative changes tone to where I wonder who is telling the story, things that would have been caught in my writers group."
15.0% "It heats up and about the %14 mark. Up until then, as easy it is to read, it also lacks drama as it tells us the drama instead of showing. And then just like that, snap, it starts showing you the action and then it picks up. For the record, the first part of this reads like a wikipedia entry."
22.0% "To say it honestly, there is a lot of telling in this story. I mean, skipping the drama, which works because it's shortening the story. Good. On the other hand, something about this story isn't quite hooking me. Maybe it's just that I'm not that into vampires. Another part of me is wondering, well, what is the story really about. So Abe Lincoln wants revenge on vampires. So what. I think I need something else here."
22.0% "I'm not going to say the book is horrible, but I will say it does not hold my interest."

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