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Isabella Moon by Laura Benedict
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Jun 25, 2011

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bookshelves: chicklit
Read in March, 2009

I completely forgot what this book was about, so I had copy and paste a review that thankgod, was on Amazon which reminded me. It reminded me how freakin' weird this book was! It was like the author was trying to jam in as many different types of stories into one book. Romance, friendship, family, a ghost story and just all around weirdness. A women arrives in town a few years before out of nowhere. She starts having dreams about some girl who died mysteriously a few years before about where she is buried. Turns out she is correct and they find the body. Also, the Girl's best friends mother dies mysteriously and it turns out it's the rich families son who is having an fling with the best friend, killed her. I forget why, but the whole thing is weird. The rich son also had something to do with killing the girl a few years back or something. And the reason the Girl came to the town originally was because her husband was abusing her or something and for some reason, couldn't leave, but she tried to kill him, so she had to run, but the husband didn't die and he has now come after her to take her back.

Told you it was really weird. I mean, it was okay, just too many random story lines that sort of had to do with each other, but would have worked better if the author just concentrated on one or two. But instead, she was just trying to please everyone.

Grade: C

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