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Swede Dreams by Eva Apelqvist
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Jun 09, 07

Recommended for: this is a book to read if you are sitting on an airplane with nothing to do

If you wanna read this series i reccomend starting with this book!!!! It gives you a clear idea of the series!!

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Tessa Gabby~ I think I'm going to try these books. Maybe it's just because I loooove to travel. but, these books look pretty good.

message 11: by Gabby (new) - added it

Gabby you really should.....this series is one of my favorites!!!!

Tessa I'll check them out, Gabby. Tommorow I'm going to go to the downtown library.

message 9: by Gabby (new) - added it

Gabby good, i have a TON that you can borrow if you want though....

Tessa Really that would be GRAND

message 7: by Gabby (new) - added it

Gabby oh yeah....Hey um, this is really random but i think i left my hair brush at your house at your b-day party, (maybe on the dresser) is it still there???

Tessa The purple one? I thought that was Gnat's and so I gave it to her because she said she'd need it in Oregon. Just kidding. Yeh, I have it. I also have your pink pink panther tank.

message 5: by Gabby (new) - added it

Gabby oh haha i didnt even realize i was missing that....Yeah thats the brush Im talkin about....well if i see you this summer i will get it from you i guess!!! (i kinda need it for Sitka)

Tessa I just wanted to thank you for dinner. Have you seen the movie 'Freedom writers'? I'm going to watch it in a sec. O.K I have to stop I'm getting way off subject.

message 3: by Gabby (new) - added it

Gabby haha no i haven't seen freedom writers....tell me if its good!!!! Hope you enjoy the SASS series!!!

Tessa Freedom writers was sooo good! And I am enjoying the series or at least the one you lent to me.

message 1: by Gabby (new) - added it

Gabby good....I bought 2 more if you want some more of them.

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