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Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison
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5 stars. What can I say... it lived up to its hype, and that is coming from someone who doesn't usually read paranormal romances anymore. Actually, as of late, paranormals are my lowest rated books.

I loved, loved, loved both Pia and Dragos and I loved them more (if that is possible) together. Dragos was a mean, crotchety old man or dragon and Pia made him young again, I loved the transformation. I even had a few laughs, when Dragos and Rune tried a cherry slurpy and licorice, it was pretty funny. Dragos was such a possessive, protective alpha who loved the word "mine" and Pia softened him and got him to mellow out (a little) even taught him the word "please".

I didn't feel the author went over kill in trying to make this new fantasy world so out there and detailed for the reader, but instead focused on the true romance between Pia and Dragos and there was a great supporting cast. That is what always gets me with paranormal, half the time I am going what?? and have to reread paragraphs to figure out what the heck is going on- that didn't happen here.

Definitely would recommend this book to any romance reader, it was amazing to the last word!

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08/06/2011 "Decided to try this because of all the hype- a little nervous because I really don't like paranormal romances anymore, but love alphas."
70.0% "I am loving it coming from a non-paranormal reader I would say that is good??"

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Jolyn Anything you recommend I'm reading it!! Can't wait

Splage You are going to love this one. I read parts of it again right after I finished it.

Jolyn I just got it for my kindle!!

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