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Crash into You by Roni Loren
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Jun 25, 2012

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This is a good romantic suspense book. What it's not is a good BDSM book. To me, this falls into the rather unfortunate genre of "BDSM books written by vanilla folks, for vanilla folks" (a category coined recently by Kitty Thomas). Obviously I don't know what this author does in the bedroom, but that's the kind of shallow perspective of BDSM that I found here. I was okay with the misinformation. What really bugged me, and I mean really bugged me, was what I saw as kink shaming. In a BDSM book, no less!

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The best part of this book was the romance between the H and h. Very sweet and tender. And the suspense was interesting. I just wish I could have read about it without the BDSM prop. I was excited to see another NY house publishing a BDSM book, but I'm not so sure it's worth normalizing spanking if we have to taint authentic BDSM practices to do it.
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message 1: by Deana (new)

Deana would you compare this to 50SofG?

Amber Good question, but 50SofG is on my tbr list. From what I have heard about it though, both praise and criticisms, this isn't like that. From what I have heard, 50SofG takes the kink aspect somewhat seriously whereas this seemed more like a standard alpha guy with a spanking fetish, not BDSM.

This is more like Maya Banks' Sweet series or the Cherise Sinclair series, especially Banks' writing style. If you loved those, you'll probably enjoy this. If you haven't read them...I'd read those first.

message 3: by Deana (new)

Deana Amber wrote: "From what I have heard, 50SofG takes the kink aspect somewhat seriously ..."

Hm. I haven't read MB's Sweet series, but I have thoroughly enjoyed CS' work. I'll definitely check out Sweet. I heard - and agree with - a description of 50SoG: Vanilla-Kink (not to be confused with BDSM at all). I would like to hear your thoughts after you've read the 50s.

I do enjoy Banks' other writings, and am now looking forward to reading another of her series.

message 4: by Jill (new) - added it

Jill Sorenson I read some of the Sweet series by Banks. Sweet Persuasion was pretty edgy, I thought! Have you read Eve Berlin? I really enjoyed Pleasure's Edge.

Amber You're right, Sweet Persuasion did push limits! I think because I read so much crazy stuff, I get a little inured to it. But seeing as it was targeted at mainstream readers, it did have some pretty kinky stuff.

My issue with that book was that I didn't understand how a guy so perfect, who owns a BDSM club, no less, wouldn't have found an amazing woman by that age. We're just told that he couldn't, but seriously, had the dude been hiding in a cave? ;-) But I will definitely give that books props for pushing boundaries.

I've also read Pleasure's Edge, which was really well-written, which is always great to see.

Angelica I could understand how both H/h could feel guilty about bdsm because they both had traumas and they had to deal with that, but even the BDSM scenes related to other peoples' interaction didn't seem right.

Amber You're so right. There's no one true way to kink, so if the H and h's habits seemed a little off in parts, that should be fine. The trouble was when they got to the club and everyone did it exactly the same way. Then it became author intrusion and instead of saying that these characters play that way, the author was saying "this is the only way kink happens."

Julie Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog Hiya, Amber! I totally agree with the 'time' as proposed in this book and it was so hard for me to get into reading it because I kept thinking, "Ten years? Seriously, they waited around for 10 years before picking up where they left off? And in 10 yrs neither of them a) found any partners or b) aged/changed one bit?"

It was hard to imagine. Plus, I always seem to 'fall' for the wrong guy LOL - I sooooo wanted Jace to be in the final scene - c'mon poor guy waited 10 years for Brynn, too! LOL *pouts* Well at least he got some action. :(

But the book also ran the gamut of extremes - 1) Brynn's mom was a prostitute, but Brynn was a "good girl" who had only been with one guy before she met Reid 2) Brynn had been raped, and the solution was a full immersion into a BDSM club, because nothing else worked to 'cure' her and 3)She was a social worker who empowered women and yet she felt guilty (until the very end) of her wanting to give up her control to a man. It was like watching a tennis match going from one end of the spectrum to the next.

Plus it was annoying reading how Reid was trying to be dominant and Brynn would make some wise crack, breaking the sub role. And he'd just laugh it off as her being 'feisty' - kinda broke the scene for me at least. Hmm...I don't know. It was just 'off' for me, though I gave it 3 stars purely for the Jace scene LOL :)

And I did see that good Dom vs bad Dom comparison as well. :)

Amber LOL, I love how my submissive is sooo independent and feisty and.... wait a minute.

I also liked Jace better! But I probably won't continue the series because I feel like the psychology of BDSM was absent from the book. It's sad because as formulas go, this book has everything I should love, but it didn't work for me.

Julie Read Our Lips! Book Review Blog I hear ya :) I might check out book 2, (since it's Jace's book) but I'm not moving my TBR list around anytime soon :)

Gemma i just finished the book and though i get what you said about bdsm written by a vanilla person for a vanilla person, but my understanding is that everyone has different comfort zones. As i have heard, one mans pleasure is another mans poison. That being said, I ended up only liking this book and not loving it. I agree with some of your points and have to admit the part that pushed the rating down for me was the last couple of chapters. I still have to write my review, but would be interested in hearing your thoughts

Amber Hi Gemma! Yeah, I do feel like I just went in with the wrong expectations. I had seen this author online kind of... teaching people about BDSM. So I ended up really disappointed that the portrayal was rather shallow and actually framed negatively toward hardcore players. If I had just picked this up with no prior knowledge, it wouldn't have been my favorite book but I might not have gotten mad about it :)

Gemma i hate when that happens. You get hyped up for a book and it fails to meet that hype.

i need to write my review, but i'd be interested in your views.

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