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I love a book with a strong beginning...something that keeps me intrigued. This was my second Linda Howard book and what a wonderful read! There was plenty of sexual tension between Niema and John, our hero and heroine, throughout the story and what happened between the two of them in Ronsard's office was unique. Also, how often do you read a book where you actually have empathy for the villain? I finished ALL THE QUEEN'S MEN in less than a day. FYI, it is a follow up to "Kill and Tell" but can be read alone.

Closer to 4.5 Stars

When I first read ALL THE QUEEN'S MEN it was in 2008. I now believe it helped that I read KILL AND TELL first. Because of this, I had the necessary background on what made John Medina tick.

Both deadly and a man of mystery, John had a past with Niema Burdock. Five years went by and he was still secretly watching out for her. Then she had reentered his life but for John, this time was for keeps.

Once again, Ms. Howard writes using her successful formula: an alpha male affected by a 'good' woman, action, suspense and some good chemistry. The tension builds slowly because of trust issues. When something finally happens between Niema and John, it borders on the steamy if somewhat kinky side. Not every reader will like it.

That said, the story actually had a villain with feelings that I empathized with. So far, the first two books have entertained me. I am now going to finish with the last book in this series: KISS ME WHILE I SLEEP.
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message 1: by Lyuda (new)

Lyuda What is your favorite book by the author? Does she always have villains in her stories? I remember reading one of her books probably 10 years ago about pearls trade. I don't even know the name of it anymore.

Linda Wow, I had to do some deep thinking. :-)

I guess I will go with HEART OF FIRE, then OPEN SEASON, NOW YOU SEE HER and ALL THE QUEEN'S MEN for second place.

She usually has some sort of villain and her heroes are super uber-alphas; sometimes that can work against my liking the story. Lots of people rated the McKenzie series high but I just couldn't get into the books. I personally don't like it when the hero thinks he needs to 'spank' the heroine. Her heroes also tell rather than ask the heroine to do something: bossy. If I enjoy what else is going on I can get over this.

I also liked the first two Kell Sabin books and, don't ask me why, but I liked Duncan's Bride.

It must be the mood I am in. :-)

message 3: by Lyuda (new)

Lyuda Thank you Linda!
Yes, I am with you on uber-alphas and spanking business. That is one of the reasons I stopped reading old HP (1970-80) stories.

message 4: by Rez (new) - added it

Rez I haven't quite read a lot of Linda Howard's books but to me 'Cry No More' is one of the best she has written.

Linda I have that book on my to-read list and have heard good things about it. Thank you for reminding me to read it. :-)

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